Best Audio Technica Headphones To Buy In 2020

Hardly any sound companies are as regarded as Audio-Technica. With regards to studio monitors, sound specialists, and devotees the same will undoubtedly praise them enthusiastically for the Japanese organization. The fame is very much earned, as well, as Audio-Technica puts execution and trustworthiness first on numerous occasions with its top-notch sound items, attracting experts to the brand.

Audio-Technica has a long and recognized sonic legacy, beginning in the turntable phono-cartridge game in the sixties, before branching out into headphones in the mid-seventies. With the arrival of wireless listening and active noise cancelation, Audio-Technica has kept up with the times, by building the best headphones, best wireless headphones, and best true wireless headphones.

Why get the best Audio Technica headphones? This is because this company, in the same way as others, covers all its bases. You’ll discover many “ATH” headphones with designations for a wide scope of activities, both leisure and production-related.

Without further ado, let’s get into their details.

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Technically Brilliant

  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent battery life
  • Clunky design

Acoustic Design: Closed | Frequency Response: 15-28,000 Hz | Driver: 45mm | Battery Life: 40 hours

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With the arrival of the ATH-M50xBT, Audio Technica conveys studio-quality sound without the cord. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is good sounding closed-back headphones for critical listening. They have an extraordinary reproduction of the bass, mid, and treble range and they feel tough and strong enough to last you some time. They are intended for truly high-end audio performance, with 45mm drivers and a frequency response range of 15-2800 Hz.

These headphones have 90° turning ear cups which make them exceptionally versatile, empowering them to be utilized with one ear only. The padded headband and ear cups make the headphone very comfortable, enabling the users to utilize them for a long period of time without experiencing distress. The ATH-M50xBT headphones likewise perform well regarding battery life which is 40 hours and Bluetooth connectivity.

On the contrary, the microphone isn’t especially strong, and you may find an issue to make calls using them. If you like your music truly bassy, you might be disheartened that the treble frequencies could have had somewhat more sparkle. Secondly, the design is not subtle. If you don’t like the clunky design then presumably you won’t like it.

Overall, the ATH-M50xBTs are an incredible pair of headphones, with great sound quality, connectivity, and solace.

2. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

Audiophile Open-air Headphones

  • Light-weight
  • Clear sound
  • Flexible fit
  • Long non- detachable cable

Acoustic Design: Open-back | Frequency Response: 5–30,000 Hz | Driver: 53mm | Battery Life: N/A

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Now for a fast look at one of Audio Technica’s separate series, The Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X are open-back headphones that convey a better than expected sound for critical listening. They’re comfortable and appropriately very much constructed. This model is from their Open Air range which aims to attract the audiophiles out there. They are a reasonably priced pair of headphones. It allows for progressively normal sound projection and everything appears to be less accentuated on the low end.

The headphones are additionally very comfortable. The adaptability of the material and level of flexibility makes it simple to wear the headphones for long periods. The 3D wing support design likewise improves the solace. They have a lightweight, honeycomb packaging made from aluminum which eliminates ear pressure-totally and keeps the components cool also.

The newly designed 53 mm drivers and bobbin-wound CCAW voice coils bring about presumably the best soundstage of all headphones in this price range. Overall, the sound signature is neutral, having frequency response 5-30,000 Hz with bass being the less notable part of the sound range. It’s certainly there, and it’s conveyed with timely accuracy and good intention.

So, let’s move to the cons. It’s 2020 and these headphones don’t have a detachable cable. This is most likely the greatest con of all. In addition to that, this cable is easily 8 to 10 feet in length. You can extend it out all however it figures out how to loop itself back up.

Overall, the ATH-AD700X is built to convey a comfortable listening experience. They somewhat overemphasize the mids, and they’re not as well-balanced as some of the better quality open-back headphones, however, they recreate tracks better than expected devotion. They additionally make a good soundstage for neutral listening.

3. Audio-Technica ATH-S200BT

Budget Friendly Headphones

  • Excellent Battery
  • Good Sound
  • Plastic Look
  • Tight on the Ears

Acoustic Design: Closed | Frequency Response: 5Hz- 32 kHz | Driver: 40mm | Battery Life: 40 hours

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The Bluetooth headphone space may have some audiophile preventing from the idea of listening to music without a cable, however, there have been extraordinary steps in the innovation and, consequently, the sound. Technological advancements normally mean value rises yet not really, here – the Audio-Technica ATH-S200BTs offer up quality sound at a reasonable cost. In any case, it’s not simply the sound that is the argument, the battery inside will imply that stressing overcharging your headphones will be the last thing on your thoughts.

Given the modest price, Audio-Technica has made a pair of headphones that are functional, rather than stylish, in their structure. The main metal you will discover here is in the headband extender. On each of the ear cups is the Audio-Technica logo. On these ear cups is a delicate earpad. They are not memory foam but rather agreeable in any case. All of the buttons and inputs are on the base of the left ear cup.

The sound is as strong as the ATH-S200BT’s build quality with 40mm drivers and frequency range 5Hz- 32 kHz. Then there’s the battery life. It’s an awesome measure of battery life of 40 hours that implies you can go a week or so and not stress about charging them. At the point when you do, it takes around four hours and is done through micro USB.

On the drawback, these headphones are a bit too tight on the head. Also, other than the headband extender everything is plastic which may not seem good to some individuals.

So in concluding, the Audio-Technica ATH-S200BTs are budget-friendly, having big-sounding Bluetooth headphones that do a great deal at their cost. Their plastic looks may not be for everything except the sound they produce, at the cost you pay, is noteworthy.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BT

Premium Headphones

  • Incredible battery life
  • Light and comfortable
  • No 3.5mm jack
  • No touch control functionality

Acoustic Design: Closed | Frequency Response: 5Hz-35 kHz | Driver: 40mm | Battery Life: 70 hours

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The Audio Technica ATH-SR30BT range was declared in a similar breath as it’s increasingly premium ATH-SR50BT, yet comes in at a much lower cost point. This implies, in spite of that headline-grabbing battery number, this is a headphone for those searching for good sound yet on a moderate budget. These headphones look and feel premium since Audio-Technica hasn’t cut numerous evident corners on the design. In spite of the fact that the earcups are not huge and lavish, they are still comfortable on ears, and they’re too light.

The functions are simple in their structure and are easy to use. The left earpiece has 3 buttons that you can use to play/stop, skip/forward among tracks, and control volume. You can likewise initiate your voice assistant to make hands free calls. Pairing is too simple.

Their characterizing ability is its battery life. The other component that makes these reasonably priced headphones stand apart from the rest is the Bluetooth 5 compatibility. This latest version of Bluetooth truly carries sound to the next level and will offer a clearness that the more established Bluetooth 4.2 can’t coordinate. There are decent sound specs to offer. 40mm drivers with frequency response 5Hz-35 kHz are ready to boast bass, balance the mid-tones, and hit those high Cs. in short a well- balanced, clean audio that works for all kinds of music.

What you don’t get on these headphones is a 3.5mm jack. That means there is no analog listening. Secondly, there’s no touch control functionality, either.

On concluding, with 70 hours battery, these headphones are as of now in their very own class. While there’s not a major feature list to coordinate the big battery, what is here works truly well.

5. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

  • Comfortable earcups
  • Great treble
  • No detachable cable
  • Sound staging is average

Acoustic Design: Closed | Frequency Response: 15Hz-20 kHz | Driver: 40mm | Battery Life: N/A

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Audio-Technica is acclaimed for making audiophile-grade headphones and the ATH-M20x is intended to be one, yet for those on a budget. It’s an upgrade to the ATH-M20. Most part is made of plastic and has oval-shaped earcups dissimilar to its forerunner, the ATH-M20, which had a particularly round shape.

The rexine pads on the earcups are delicate and cover the ears totally. Indeed, even the adaptable headband has the equivalent rexine material. A fairly large Audio-Technica logo runs along with the headband. The cable is 3m long and has a thick external covering for the copper-clad aluminum wire, which makes it very tough. Likewise, the 3.5mm sound jack is gold-plated.

Audio Technica has worked admirably tuning the M20x. The high-mid cut and high-frequency boost is a typical quality for most headphones, yet M20x’s are positively conservative in such manner cutting and boosting just 5 dB individually. The low end is practically level down to 60 Hz, unfortunately, they don’t extend lower, yet that is the place adjustment comes in to help. The frequency response is between 15 Hz to 20 kHz with driver 40mm.

On the drawback, there is no detachable cable which is common in this price range. Secondly, comfort is satisfactory, yet don’t hope to work with them the entire night with no issues.

Overall, ATH-M20x are very natural sounding closed backs fit for blending and mixing and pack a significant value for your money. For types that don’t require careful accuracy in the sub-bass region, it is apparently a superior decision than M50x with regards to studio work.

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