Best Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Recommended In 2020

Every day, all of us expend a decent amount of time clicking the keys ceaselessly on our machines (when we do not select and scroll). These days we have plenty of typing jobs to do — home jobs, school assignments, articles our employer needs written, and what not. We are highly reliant on our computers and, of course, on the keyboards.

When choosing the right keyboard, a number of factors have to be considered, including the type of work you want to do, switches’ shape, design of the keyboard, compatibility, and many other factors. Whether your keyboard contact comes as a job requirement or as a part-time leisure activity; an MX brown switch is the association you need, not to be left with strained fingers after extensive exposure.

Cherry MX keyboards are widely known and praised for their user-friendly design, budget-friendly prices and extensive functionality. If you are looking for the ideal Cherry MX keyboard, you have come to just the right place!

1. G. Skill Ripjaw Km780


  • Plug and play facility
  • Pre-key lighting customization
  • No clicking noise
  • No USB ports
  • Crash-prone firmware

Product Dimensions: 17.5x6.3x1.8 inches | Item weight: 2.8 lb | Macro support: Yes | Media support: Secondary Function

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With the mention of this particular descendant from the G. Skill Ripjaw production line; we are, in no way, denying the excellence that was the Km780.  It is perhaps feasibility and convenience that has narrowed our preferences down to the Ripjaw Km570. Essentially, the plan of attack backing this foray into the market has been reimagination.

While its predecessor certainly encapsulated the ultimate gamer dream, it fell somewhat short on the subject of practicability and cost. With Km570, however, specific thought was put into eliminating any potential shortcomings to get hold of an extensive class of users.

It is particularly noteworthy that even with a relatively low price range at hand; G. Skill has ensured absolute null compromise on material quality. With a conventionalist’s approach at aesthetics, the rainbow backlighting adds the precise primacy that is needed.

The basic board structure primarily consists of black textured plastic; as is the case with any standard keyboards, however, an additional steel plate has been placed within the interior that makes the assembly extremely compact. Moreover, no flashy embellishments have been engraved on the board, save the G. Skill logo. Such low-toning, as we view it, is ideal for gamers who prefer software innovations over general hardware outlook.

Owing to the integrated macros and lighting controls, full-fledged customization of keyboard functionalities is offered to the user. Now for the showstopper of this entire affair; the cherry MX brown switches. Positioned over a damping material that effectively cancels out clicking noises; these switches provide not only a tactile response but also greater touch-resistance. Said feature helps boost the typing speed. Even the keycaps, which by-the-way were a severe issue in Km780, are very well constructed and positioned in the system.

While the board ticked in all significant columns, we did find the macro recording to be somewhat lacking in terms of speed and technology. Be it the silent operating, satisfying feedback or an extensive array of customization; we recommend Km570 to all those who value efficient performance over materialistic attributes of a general assembly.

2. Cooler Master MasterKeys L PBT

Durable structure

  • Tactile functioning
  • 6-key rollover
  • Suitable for use over long periods
  • Unimpressive macro-recording
  • Thin ABS keycaps

Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 5.4 x 1.3 inches | Item weight: 2.5 lb | Macro support: Yes | Media support: Secondary Function

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Being a 2017 origination, it is true that Cooler Master MasterKeys L PBT is designed somewhat more for gaming experiences. Cooler Master MasterKeys L PBT, with all its assets and liabilities, is just another feather to Fnatic’s growing cap. To help in precision and performance, the MasterKeys PBT boards also feature a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor. Using a special set of macros, macro commands may be programmed directly on the keyboard. It does not require any external software.

Thick and robust, the keycaps on the MasterKeys L PBT offer a better overall response to typing and gaming on the keyboard than one would get with cheaper ABS caps. Upon first glance, you are well-treated to an undertone aesthetic with minimal ornamentation yet intellectual structuring. It is thoroughly clear from this very outlook that the company puts practicality and performance atop in order of preference. The design features an adjustable wrist-rest over a smooth rubber surface; both effectively working in unison to prevent hand fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

The board is an unassuming dark square shape featuring black and white keys, pretty much a gaming keyboard in a tailored suit. A number of Cherry MX mechanical keyboard switches are included in the MasterKeys PBT, including tactile browns, clicky blues, linear reds, silver speed switches and heavy clicky MX greens. As befits a switch of repute as well-established as that of Cherry MX, the switches certainly ensure precision and durability. The system carries out a quiet yet effective operation of all integrated functionalities.

A few drawbacks we found in the keyboard include an unimpressive macro-recording, and thin ABS keycaps. Although the body of keyboard is pretty durable, the keys are not very reliable, and are not built for longer use. As a result, you might notice some wear and tear of keys after using for a few months. The overall experience of the keyboard is pretty enjoyable, and it is definitely something you can invest in, all the while keeping in mind that Cooler Master MasterKeys L PBT is quite budget-friendly.

3. Das Keyboard Model S

Plastic Structure

  • Laser-etched keycaps
  • Mac-specific keys
  • Remapping of functions is needed
  • No discord facility

Product Dimensions: 18x6.5 x1.5 inches | Item weight: 3 lb | Macro support: No | Media support: Yes

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If a keyboard falls in the category of expensive, especially when it is not singular within the domain, and yet manages to maintain an aura of supremacy; what does it say about its credibility? This very question speaks for the integrity of Das Keyboard Model S.  When you single out the best from within all available options and combine them into single anatomy under a faithful resolution; people will pay a premium for it. This notion goes on to answer the question we posed earlier.

To begin with, let us bring to light the company’s pride factor from within the whole assembly; that being its sound. In words of the manufacturers themselves; “The Mechanical Keyboard That Clicks”. We daresay sage marketing and entirely rightful because the board certainly eliminates any commotion that may accompany a typical mechanical keyboard.

The primary plastic structure has been brushed off with a glossy black finish. This 104-key board is fully equipped with gold-plated Cherry MX Brown switches.  The said German-engineered switches provide for two basic requirements of any user; tactile feedback and silent operation.

Additionally, the switch plating is rust-resistant, therefore testifying to the assembly being a genuinely worthwhile investment. To top it all off, the keyboard structure also provides quick access to an assortment of media keys allowing for total user customization from play/pause, to power to volume adjustment. At this point, an N-key rollover was probably the only ornament we were missing here in this assembly.

This mechanical keyboard permits simultaneous use of 6 keys; that too, with impeccable response rate. The right panel also features two USB input ports and two USB Type-A connectors. Apart from a typical Corsair keyboard, this has got to be the only one we came across that offers such levels of customization.

We must say that the said functionality is the star of the assembly. The price tag may be hefty but safe to say, Model S delivers. In essence, you are provided with what you pay for; a very fair deal, we must say.

4. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Adjustable Wrist Rest

  • Double shot PBT keycaps
  • 8mb storage
  • Adjustable wrist rest
  • No wireless facility
  • Expensive

Product Dimensions: 18.3 x 6.7 x 1.4 inches | Item weight: 2.62 lb | Macro support: Up to 6 keys | Media support: Yes

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If you’ve scrolled till down here; you are likely on the hunt for a jam-packed system with no compromises whatsoever. Lucky for you, we had the thought to save the bests for the last. On the subject of hardware production; it is no lie that the very notion instantly transfers all thought to one particular brand; Corsair. What precisely makes Corsair the liege lord here, however? Simply put; the company is a jack-of-all-trades. So from within the lineage, we have brought for you a worthy descendant; the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum.

Look back into the history of peripheral production and Corsair’s patronage to the inclusion of RGB lighting into the quintessential keyboard formula is crystal clear. Bearing that mind, we take the liberty to declare the product under question the ultimate personification of said functionality.

Not only is the lighting in here customizable, but an integrated light bar has also been made part of the system. The K95 RGB platinum incorporates, under the respective criterion, Cherry MX brown switches. However, the significance here lies in the choice of switch, for the brown switches from the line have been exceptionally well-critiqued and offer instantaneous and undisrupted response rate.

The aforementioned light bar is highly responsible for most customization facilities. It features 19 zones atop the edge which make the viewing of animations possible. To add on, key color and illuminations can be personalized too. Is this not an ultimate gamer dream by-the-way? Towards the left of the structure lie the dedicated macro keys.

Most importantly, the keyboard package supplies for S-keycaps in case one wishes to replace the G-keycaps. The build structure is primarily plastic with the top-deck aluminum as a singular exception. A multi-sided adjustable wrist-rest provides for the necessary ergonomics.

Corsair has never let us down, and so was the case this time. However, let’s face it; the scarce use of platinum in the basic structure was a mild disappointment considering the price we paid. In any case, it’d be a crime to deny the ascendancy this keyboard gains over any other within the discipline because where else would you find a single entity swarming with such top-notch functionalities?

5. Corsair K70 LUX

Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Reactive typing
  • USB pass-through port
  • Customizable controls
  • Lacks macro keys
  • Poor RGB -lighting

Product Dimensions: 18.6x8.3x3.34 inches | Item weight: 2.65 lb | Macro support: Yes | Media support: No

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The name of Corsair brings with itself a 26-year lineage; which is a no small feat. To think about all the years, it has faithfully dedicated to producing quality hardware is enough testament to its well-established reputation. Singled out from within its extraordinary range of mechanical keyboards aimed at assisting gaming experiences; we present the Corsair K70 LUX. The successor to the market-favorite K70; K70 LUX certainly hits the mark even higher. Honestly Corsair, what height is left for you to reach up to?

No gaming experience finds closure in the absence of a responsive, good-looking and ergonomically-sound keyboard. The K70 LUX provides all three and more. Let us begin the unsung hero of this whole assembly; integrated CUE (Corsair Utility Engine).

A customary Corsair embellishment; the power of CUE is undoubtedly unprecedented. As soon as it finds refuge in the system; automatic synchronization and programming of all individual components begin. The CUE is compatible with nearly all advanced macro programs and is capable of permitting fast-fluid illumination of all available dynamics.

Aesthetically, it is as seamless as Corsair is known to provide. Its anodized brushed aluminum frame fundamentally supports the structure. Upon this, any additions like textured spacebar and diamond-shaped plates amplify the already subtle and versatile look. As is compulsory under the criteria, every single key featured on the board has a Cherry MX brown switch.

Customization facilities range from the anti-ghosting facility, lighting controls, dedicated multimedia controls, keycap fonts etc. The keyboard has been under constant use of ours, and we found it to be highly comfortable. Here’s the thing; if your proficiency lies in typing, extensive gaming or even just essential exposure to electronic components, we would highly recommend you to make a worthy investment, in the form of K70 LUX, to last you a long time.

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