Best CPU Cooler For i7 9700k: 2020 Top Picks!

The i7 9700 k is one hell of a processor, and for gamers, it is the perfect processor for them to have the perfect gaming experience every time. Not only does the i7 9700k work considerably well than many other i7 processors, customers have even found it to be a lot better than some of the i9 processors, making it a customer favorite, especially in the gaming community. However, when it comes to the i7 9700k, many gamers and users are very confused about how to achieve its full potential and attain maximum function from this processor.

The number one question that is asked repeatedly is if there is a need for a CPU cooler for the i7 9700k processor. The answer to this is simple. The i7 9700k is one beast of a processor, which means that to provide you with such a good performance, the processor has to work a lot, which generates a lot of heat. That is why it is always recommended that you get a good quality CPU cooler with your i7 9700k so that it functions better, for longer, while keeping your CPU cool.

Another very common question is what RAM is compatible with the i7 9700k processor. The answer to this is that for the i7 9700k processors, the RAM must be DDR4. This is because only with such a RAM is it possible for the processor to function to its full capability and potential so that you can enjoy one excellent experience. Now that these confusions are out of the way, let’s introduce you to some of the best CPU coolers for the i7 9700k processors so that you can keep your CPU cool and functioning and have the best gaming experience.

1. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler

4 CDC Heat Pipes

  • An extra 120 mm fan additional airflow
  • Suitable for a wide range of chipsets
  • Comparatively difficult assembly
  • No place for extra metal on RAM

Product Dimensions: 3.10 x 6.30 x 4.70 inches | Item weight: 1.30 lbs | Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm | Fan Noise Level: 9 – 36 dBA

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The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler is the best seller CPU cooler on Amazon and rightly so as it is a definite beast when it comes to providing the best cooling for the i7 9700k processor. The cooler boasts the company’s own patented Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) heat pipes and that too, four of these. The sleek design and perfect build of these fans ensure the perfect heat conduction for keeping the CPU cool.

Also, the wave-shaped blade design of the unique wide-range PWM fan installed in this cooler ensures that the airflow is maximum and temperature minimum. The design of the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler has been customized to provide an outstanding balance between both high and low-speed operations, making fin optimizations excellent.

According to the company, the fan life expectancy for the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler is 40,000, but we have found it to be much more efficient than that. It has the perfect design and build that provides more balanced airflow, while not being heavy on the pockets. That is why this CPU cooler from Cooler Master has been customers’ favorite and best seller for so long.

If you are looking for high performance and low price, give this one a try, and you won’t regret it as you would be mesmerized by this amazing CPU cooler. We have loved the design of the cooler that provides the best airflow with the fan that is placed at the perfect position, the top. The fact that there is an additional 120mm fan airflow makes it even better.

This cooler is also well-liked because of its ability to support a wide range of chipsets. However, when it comes to most customers, the most important and concerning thing would be the price, and Cooler Master knows that as is apparent from the low price of this excellent cooler. Considering all this, it isn’t a suspire that this cooler is the best seller CPU cooler for the i7 9700k.

2. Dark Rock 4

Silent Wings Fan

  • Excellent airflow
  • Zero noise
  • Expensive
  • No under load performance

Product Dimensions: 3.70 x 5.35 x 6.28 inches | Item weight: 2.03 lbs | Fan Dimensions: 135mm PWM fan | Fan Noise Level: 21.4 dBA

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The famous brand be quiet has done it again, with the be quiet! Dark Rock 4, BK021, 200W TDP, CPU Cooler, the company has once again proved that it stands by its inherent name and provides the quietest CPU coolers. The Dark Rock 4 cooler comes with the excellent virtually inaudible operation technology.

The company has very skillfully used Silent Wings 1335mm PWM fan with nine blades that ensure perfect airflow, while the six-pole motor makes sure that there are minimum vibration and sound. This also ensures that there is perfect fluid-dynamic bearing on the cooler, and the vibration-isolating units on the heat sink further make the cooler quieter and more effective.

This cooler from be quiet comes with a 200W TDP rating, which means that it does something right. In addition to the perfectly inaudible operation, the cooler provides extreme cooling that works exceptionally well at high loads, too, making it perfect for passionate gamers that spend a lot of time on their PCs.

Be quiet has made the quietest cooler but hasn’t lost any sight of an efficient design. The cooler boasts advanced design with the 6mm copper pipes that work perfectly to minimize heat conduction. Talk about skillful designing; this cooler has unique small dots on cooling fins that increase air circulation while the black coating ensures even better heat transfer, not to forget the cooler’s single tower layout. All in all, be quiet has given the perfect product, a CPU cooler that is both effective in its functioning and aesthetic in its look.

We especially liked the aesthetic aspect of this cooler with the perfect and dark aesthetic black finish and the super effective design mechanisms like the dots on the fins, the smart blade designs, the super quiet motor, and so much more. While the price may be higher for some customers, those who have the appreciation for the value and performance that come with the extra few dollars will find it to be perfectly worth it.

3. Noctua NH-U14S

Excellent RAM Compatibility

  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy installation
  • Attaching the backing plate is difficult
  • Cooling ability dies with time

Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 3.07 x 6.50 inches | Item weight: 2.06 lbs | Fan Dimensions: 140mm | Fan Noise Level: NA

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Noctua has had quite a name for its excellent CPU coolers, and with the Noctua NH-U14S, it has yet again proven that it is indeed the champion of CPU coolers manufacturing. The Noctua NH-U14S comes with the award-winning single tower design that is both slim and equally functional. The slim 140mm single tower design ensures perfect cooling and performance while also providing excellent RAM compatibility.

What is more is that the Noctua NH-U14S includes a super-efficient and highly optimized fan, a 140 mm PWM fan with added Noise Adaptor to provide excellent controls for both effectively controlling fan speeds and providing the best, most quiet operation. The multi-socket installation system of the cooler makes it much easier to install, and you will just love how easy the installation process is.

This cooler does not only come with the perfect features, but it also comes with the tried and tested, customer approved Noctua brand name, along with a six years warranty provided by the manufacturer. The perfect choice for not only the i7 9700k but also i9, i5, i3, and Ryzen. With these features and details, it is amazing how it keeps their i7 9700k cool enough.

4. Intel Fan Heatsink Assembly Air 1151 Cooling BXTS15A

Thermal Cooling

  • Simple installation
  • Good dissipation with radiator
  • Extra-large fan
  • Gets loud under heavy load

Product Dimensions: 5.30 x 5.20 x 4.80 inches | Item weight: 1 lbs | Fan Dimensions: NA | Fan Noise Level: 35 dBA

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The Intel Fan Heatsink Assembly Air 1151 Cooling BXTS15A CPU cooler comes with the trusted Intel brand name. The cooler itself is not only effective in its performance but also provides a unique cooling experience that is undoubtedly a great addition. This is a unique cooler that has thermal cooling. This processor cooler comes with the utmost performance that is possible due to efficient design and perfect build.

The cooler provides high availability and scalability that are bound to make it famous among the customers. In contrast, its flexible design and the ultimate cooling experience and performance make it even better choice for most i7 9700k users. The value for the price that comes with this cooler is amazing, and many customers will be surprised by how good this cooler is and at such a low price. All in all, this cooler from Intel is perfect for you if you want a budget-friendly CPU cooler for your i7 9700k, and surely, you won’t be disappointed.

We say this with experience We have really liked how simple the installation for this cooler was, and this being the first step sets up the product for success once it’s done. But it didn’t stop at that, the excellent dissipation performance of the radiator and the fact that the cooler was super quite made it even more customer-friendly. Conclusively, you will surely love this CPU cooler for your i7 9700k processor.


RGB Lighting

  • Good cooling
  • Aesthetic value
  • Fan gets loud at higher speeds
  • Difficult installation

Product Dimensions: 126 x 88 x 154 mm | Item weight: 2.53 lbs | Fan Dimensions:120mm x 120 x 25 mm PWM Fan | Fan Noise Level: 16.2-31.5dB(A)

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This CPU cooler from ID-Cooling doesn’t only look dope but also functions like a beast. It comes with four heat pipes coupled with the perfect 120mm PWM fan that make heat dissipation so much more effective and easier and keeps the CPU cool. The RGB lighting that is present both on the top cover and the fan is perfectly matchable to your CPU, giving it the perfect aesthetic look most gamers crave.

What’s better is the fact that the RGB lighting can be easily controlled with the motherboard, and this can be used to adjust the colors. There’s even a separate mechanism and control in place that lets users connect the RGB lighting to a non-RGB motherboard, making it function anyways. In addition to having the best and the most colorful look, the fan included in this cooler is a highly effective PWM fan that ensures efficient cooling with minimum sound, and there isn’t a better combination than this.

We were amazed by the ARGB top plate on this cooler as it gives it such an excellent aesthetic look. The cooler was extremely effective when it comes to cooling, all possible with its excellent 120mm PWM fan that didn’t only work effectively but was also super quiet at normal load, which was a cherry on top. Hence, the ID-COOLING SE-234-ARGB CPU Cooler is a perfect choice for you if you are into such funky products with a good price and effective performance.

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