Best Gaming Chairs To Buy In 2020: Game With Ultimate Comfort

Now that you have spent a great deal of your time and also much of your bank to build your dream PC build, it is time for the perfect gaming chair to seal the deal. Top of the line PCs or even the best PC build for your current situation is further exemplified by the perfect throne to sit on. Gaming chairs offer a new fresh outlook to your seating, as they offer extremely pleasing looks as well as offering great comfort and ergonomic options. The more the ability to offer comfort, adjustability while also looking different to normal office chairs or seating solutions, makes these special.

Is a gaming chair worth it? The answer to that question can be given only when keeping the budget of someone in mind or even actual use. For those of us not bound by restraints of cash, this is a definitive must-have in terms of items required to not only complete your setup but to take your experience to the next level.  Those on a budget may skip on gaming chairs momentarily, but the inclusion of this item in your PC build is very compulsory. What are the best gaming chairs in 2020? We offer you our take on the matter.

1. Secretlab Titan Series 200

Best Overall

  • Fantastic armrest
  • Soft seating
  • Large seat
  • Great ergonomics
  • Slightly costly

Seat Type: Racing | Recline: 85-165 degrees | Weight capacity: Under 290 lbs | Weight: 77 lbs approx. | Available colors: Black, Stealth Black, Ash, Classic and Amber

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Secretlab is one of the very few companies which stick to making just one kind of product. Secretlab deals mostly in only gaming chairs. The company has made quite the name for themselves in recent years and their latest Titan Series 200 chair is probably the best gaming chair of 2020.

The first thing to notice regarding the Titan 200 gaming chair is the size of this beast. The chair is one of the biggest gaming chairs out there in the market today and will easily support larger users ranging till even close to 7 feet tall. The chair looks extremely high end, with high-quality leather and fabric all around. Aesthetically, the chair looks very classy and elegant. The leather of the chair is very durable and will definitely be able to withstand any kind of gaming sessions. The memory foam is soft enough to keep you comfortable for infinitely long gaming sessions without faltering. The chair comes with the option of Fabric or leather to choose from, with both being awesome and according to your need.

The Secretlab Titan 200 series gaming chair has probably perfected the art of the armrest, with it being able to shift the armrest in all directions. The chair also comes with the very popular lumbar support feature; this allows users to adjust the level of back support needed easily with the twist of a knob. The backrest can be adjusted with its lever to allow users an insanely wide array of backrest angles, it can even be set fully back as to allow for a sleeping position. Event the sitting angle can be adjusted to your liking, be it tilting forward or backward as well as the seat height itself being changeable. The wheelbase and wheel function of the chair is also top-notch, seamless motion is guaranteed.

Overall, we can call this the throne of gaming chairs as not only is it synonymous with being the king of the category but it also gives you the largest seating experience along with unmatched adjustable options designed for users’ comfort needs. The chair only has one real weakness and that might be its high price. However, it is without doubt the best chair for gamers today.

2. Noblechairs Hero

Top Quality Alternative

  • Great lumbar support
  • Valuable features
  • Can be used in offices as well
  • Hard seating experience for some
  • Very expensive

Seat type: Office | Recline: 90-125 degrees | Weight capacity: 330 lbs | Weight: 66 lbs | Available colors: Black, Black and Red/Blue/Platinum/Gold

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Noblechairs, as the name may suggest, means business when it comes to gaming chairs. Like Secretlab they offer extremely high-quality gaming chairs designated for the elite gamers out there today. The Noblechairs hero is one of their finest works so far and you can say it falls as their middle ground category, between the icon and the epic range of chairs.

The first look of the Noblechairs Hero gaming chair will instill a feeling of stealth more than anything. The seat does not stand out too much and offers a very minimalist design approach. There are no flashy colors or segments and the chair in its base mode black does look clean and formal. It could pass for an office chair as well due to its manageable aesthetics. One thing to note about this product is that to put the chair together will be a bit harder than usual. You might need help from a friend when it comes to setting up the back or the pillows, as users have complained about them giving a hard time. If you are someone that wants a softer back or even a softer seat, this might not be the one for you. The seat and back and sort of hard to allow for better lumbar support to people with back problems or other health issues.

Like most top of the line gaming chairs, you get adjustable backrest along with a knob for easy adjusting of lumbar support. The seating experience is very good and the posture you make can easily be controlled and managed to adapt to anyone’s needs. The chair offers a very race car-like chair with extremely good and wide armrests. The armrests in this chair are bigger than some of the other chairs we have seen. The seat of the chair is more like an office chair rather than a gaming chair as it does not contain those wide thigh supports. This can be seen both as a negative or positive in some cases.

The only real weakness the chair has is its harder seats, which although allow for better lumbar support and can be better for health, may be too hard for some people which like softer seats. The chair is also more expensive than the TITAN 200 as it is priced a little high.

3. Secretlab Omega

Good Value Product

  • Great ergonomics
  • More affordable than Titan 200
  • Very good range of features
  • Slightly smaller
  • Tricky neck and lumbar pillows

Seat type: Racing | Recline: 85-165 degrees | Weight capacity: under 250 lbs | Weight: 66 lbs | Available colors: Black, Classic, Stealth, Royal and Ash

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Another Chair from Secretlab makes its entry into our list at number 3. Secret continues to make high-quality products where gaming chairs are concerned. The Secretlab Omega is another extremely qualified gaming chair which has its range of features and will definitely do you justice if you plan on buying it.

The Secretlab Omega is a very similar gaming chair to the TITAN Series 200 range of chairs. One of the main differences between them may be that the Omega is a smaller chair while the TITAN and TITAN Xl are much larger and for bigger people. The chair is very pleasing and easy on the eye. It offers a very good design which is similar to the Titan series and looks very sporty. The backrest and the seat are smaller than some of the other chairs as the objective of this chair is to give great features in a more affordable price range. Some users did find themselves in trouble while installing this chair, we were pleased with its installation though.

The Omega gaming chair offers the complete range of the top of the line ergonomic features. The user will get the adjustable lumbar support as per usual with the knob. The armrest is also just as good with just as much customizability of the TITAN 200, with all-round rotation and tilt. The backrest can also be reclined from an 85- 165-degree angle meaning, it can go from upright to all the way down to a flat level. The comfort and features overall are absolutely great. One thing we found really annoying, other users also came to issues with the pillows of the gaming chair. The pillows are easily disturbed from their original position, this makes for some degree of irritation.

The Secretlab Omega is a very good alternative to the TITAN 200 if you are on a shorter budget or are generally smaller in size. The chair gives you all the features of the TITAN 200 except for its size at a lesser price.

4. Corsair T3 Rush

Best Classy Chair

  • Breathable fabric
  • Fantastic comfort levels
  • Premium new look
  • Larger frames will have issues
  • Color selection is not that good

Seat type: Racing | Recline: 10 degree recline to 180 degree flat | Weight capacity: 264.5 lbs | Weight: Under 50 lbs | Available colors: Charcoal, Gray/Charcoal and Gray/White

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Corsair is one of the biggest gaming product manufacturers in the world today. They literally make everything if it relates to gaming. Unsurprisingly, the also have a gaming chair that competes with the best of the best in the Corsair T3.

The Corsair T3 is one of a kind special product that stands out in many different ways. In a world where most gaming chairs are leather, the T3 chair is a fabric gaming chair. The chair will offer the world a very different take on gaming chairs with its unique design and build. The build is almost fully done with breathable fabric. This not only allows for it to be a super classy product but along with the overall manageable design this chair can be used anywhere. Nothing in the design stands out or looks over the top, it is very basic and goes very well with the fabric build.

The Corsair T3 comes with absolutely fantastic features. The armrest is fully 4D, meaning it can be rotated, swiveled, raised, or set up in almost any way you want to. The back of the seat can be reclined to about 10 degrees and adjusted or it can be fully set back to 180 degrees, making it flat. The lumbar support consists of a cushion or pillow which can be moved up or down as per the user’s requirement. The Corsair T3 does have one big issue, it is not meant for people with a larger build or large frames. The chair is not a small one, but it is not a large one either, someone with a wide or tall build might not find it according to his size.

Overall, the Corsair T3 Rush is the absolute game-changer as far as the design of the chairs goes, as it offers formal fabric finishing added to its large range of ergonomic features. The product offers a premium high-class vibe. It is an ideal choice for office users as well, they can just set it up at their office if they want to.

5. GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair

Best Budget Choice

  • Very cheap price
  • Has almost all the necessary features
  • Not the most durable pick
  • Not big enough
  • Color scheme selection is very generic

Number of screens: 1 | Screen size: Up to 27-inches | Maximum weight: 22 lbs | VESA compatibility: Yes | Height adjustment: Yes

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The last place on our list is also one of the most budget-oriented gaming chairs in the market today. The GTRacing Pro series of gaming chair was probably the best gaming chair of 2019. This is one of the most favorite gaming chairs of the market today. GTRacing Pro is the best bang for buck products in our list.

The GTRacing Pro is a proper gaming chair in all ways. This is what most people imagine what a gaming chair would look like. The chair has a very bold design and the chair will stand out a lot, especially if you get one with color rather than the plain black chair.  The chair offers exciting color accents on the sides of the seat and backrest and matching colors on the wheelbase and even the pillows. The GTRacing Pro chair is made from high-quality PU Faux leather, making it a very high-class product.

The chair offers excellent features, especially when you consider its price tag which is quite friendly on the budget. You get the standard adjustable 4D armrests and the reclining back. The backrest can go from a 90-degree angle all the way down to a flat resting position, even the height is adjustable, and all of this makes it a very good ergonomic gaming chair. You get added lumbar support with the back lumbar pillow, which can be moved up or down as per your preference. The seats of the chair are relatively comfortable and will not tire you out even after long gaming sessions. The price tag along with having most of the necessary features makes this one of the chairs that the Pros use the most.

Overall, the GTRacing Pro gaming chair is an extremely effective chair, no wonder it has gained the popularity that it has. With its price tag and its killer looks, this is surely a gaming chair after all.  On a side note, if you are heavy or tall this chair might not be the best fit for you. In such a case you might need to refer to a rather larger chair.

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