Best Gaming Keypads To Buy In 2020

A hardcore gamer seeks two things – performance and versatility. In order to achieve these, we think that it is extremely important to have a high-performance gaming keypad. A keypad, or a keyboard, is the controlling hand of a PC so it is essential to have one that gives you an effective command over your PC.

The question that arises in most people’s minds is, why should I buy a keypad over a keyboard? Well, keypads have many advantages over keyboards, the primary point being the single-handed functionality provided by a keypad. They give you the ability to click more than 40 buttons without having to move your hand. Moreover, keypads are ergonomically well-designed and take up less desktop space as compared to keyboards.

That being said, it could get quite confusing when you go out on a hunt and try to find the keypad that suits your gaming style and preference. But don’t worry – we have got you covered. Below is a list of some of the best gaming keypads out there, and you’ll certainly find one that complies with your budget and fulfills your gaming needs.

1. Razer Orbweaver Chroma

The Premium Pick

  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Amazing Lighting
  • Fully Customizable
  • Expensive

Switches: Razer Mechanical Green | Dimensions: 2.17 inches x 6.06 inches x 7.95 inches | Weight: 395g | Backlight: RGB Chroma Backlighting

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The Razer Orbweaver Chroma is the updated version of the Orbweaver Elite which was released back in 2013. It is a major revamp from its predecessor as it is a full-colored RGB version with a fully mechanical setup. This means that it comes with a whopping 16.8 million color customizations and 20 fully programmable mechanical keys so you can say goodbye to those unsatisfying, sticky keys.

The most notable feature of the Orbweaver, in my opinion, is the sheer comfort it provides. The buttons are thoughtfully arranged in a manner that all the keys are easily accessible. The wrist rest and palm rest is placed in such a way that you can go on playing for several hours without experiencing any kind of strain. The whole device is fully adjustable so it can be tweaked and configured as per your liking.

It is all about styling and customization as it comes with autonomous backlighting. You have to give props to Razer for the color selection which enhances the overall look and feel of the device. You can play with up to 16,000,000 shades and color combinations.

In addition, The Razer Synapse control panel not only allows you to reprogram all 20 buttons, it also gives you the ability to save profiles and cycle through eight default, customizable keymaps, giving you the perfect kind of versatility and the ultimate user experience.

Although it comes at an expensive price point, the Orbweaver certainly is your best choice if you are looking for solid build quality and some amazing features.

2. Razer Tartarus V2

Best Looking

  • Great Ergonomics
  • Superb Design
  • Decent Button layout
  • Comes with Razer's latest toolbox
  • Lack of Mechanical switches

Switches: Mecha-Membrane | Dimensions: 2.34 inches x 5.90 inches x 7.99 inches | Weight: 340g | Backlight: RGB Chroma Backlighting

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Next up on our list is the Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad from Razer. Like any other keypad, the Tartarus V2 is a fully functional gaming keypad featuring a stylish, sporty look along with customizable RGB backlighting. It has a matte texture coupled with bright green backlighting which gives it an appealing look.

One interesting thing to note is its key layout. Razer claims it as “the advanced ergonomic keypad”: it has four rows of five keys, except the bottom row which features four keys along with a scroll wheel. At the right-hand side, there’s an 8D D-Pad, a reprogrammable Alt button and a spacebar thumb button. The best part is that it comes with Razer’s latest Synapse 3.0 toolbox, which allows you to remap the keys on your keypad, cycle between three different keymaps, create macros and custom scripts for certain games.

The V2 is obviously targeted towards MMO players. After elaborate testing, I realized that it works best for games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 etc. and it also provides a decent gameplay experience for FPS games such as Counter Strike or even battle royale games such as PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). So, if you are an MMO player or an FPS gamer looking for that single-handed functionality, the V2 could be a good option.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the lack of a fully mechanical setup. Instead, you get Mecha-Membrane keys, which replicate the feel of a mechanical key but actually work as a membrane key. In my opinion, Razer should have equipped the Tartarus V2 with a fully mechanical experience just like its other flagships, particularly the Orbweaver.

In conclusion, the V2 is a viable option with many interesting features that come with the Synapse 3.0. That being said, if you are a hardcore gamer looking for that one-hand setup, or willing to clear up some desk space, then the it’s a considerable option.

3. GameSir GK100

Battle Royale Master

  • Best for Battle Royales
  • Moderate Comfort
  • Included Backlighting
  • Noisy switches
  • Not the best build quality

Switches: Mechanical Blue | Dimensions: 3.1 inches x 7.8 inches x 9.2 inches | Weight: 608g | Backlight: Color LED Backlighting

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Moving further down the list, we have GameSir’s GK100 which is a plug-and-play device targeted towards the noisy keys’ enthusiasts. Its 32 fully programmable keys make use of the blue mechanical switches with 4 silicon side keys which can be programmed to any key combination, macro or hotkey. It has a somewhat similar layout to a normal full-size keyboard with the exception of size and a few macro keys which it offers.

To enhance the aesthetics, GameSir has included LED backlighting with 8 pre-configured profiles so that you can opt for your favorite LED configuration. However, I would have preferred a software for full lighting customizations. Nonetheless, the preset colors look quite brilliant, too. One of the key features is the slidable wrist rest which allows you to set it according to your comfort, but due to the plastic construction and absence of cushioning on the rest, it might not be the best for prolonged usage.

The GK100 is best suited for FPS gamers and it is quite possibly the perfect gaming keypad for battle royale lovers out there as it includes an ‘arrow key mode’ which optimizes the key functions for battle royale games such as PUBG, Fortnite etc.

All in all, the GK100 is a decent keypad and although it does not offer any fancy features like a joystick or an analog stick which you might see on other gamepads in this list (and might not come with the best build quality), it does a decent job in helping you improve your overall gaming experience. So, if you are eyeing for a budget option which can compete with the premium Razer or Logitech products out there, you might want to consider the GameSir’s GK100.

4. Logitech G13 Gameboard

Top Notch Features

  • Convenient Key Layout
  • Outstanding Comfort
  • Included GamePanel (LCD SCREEN) at the top
  • Expensive
  • Lacks Plug-and-Play functionality

Switches: NA | Dimensions: 3.5 inches x 9.1 inches x 11.2 inches | Weight: 649g | Backlight: Rainbow Color Backlighting

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Logitech has always been on the top of its game when it comes to PC gaming peripherals, whether it’s about their gaming mice, keyboards, steering wheels or joysticks. The Logitech G13 keypad, or as they call it the “Gameboard”, supports this fact as it features a sporty design and a convenient key layout that’s bound to impress the die hard gamers looking for that convenience.

One thing I absolutely love about Logitech is that they go all in to provide you that comfort and luxury feeling when you use their products. This is no different with the G13 Gameboard – the device is intelligently designed to make it as ergonomic as possible so that you have no issues during long gaming sessions. There is a wrist rest and a palm rest to make sure you don’t end up having wrist strains. Similarly, the keys are also arranged in a way that your fingers naturally fall on the correct key while playing.

Perhaps the most notable and outstanding feature of this keypad is the LCD screen located at the top of the device, also known as the GamePanel. The GamePanel can be used for macro recording or monitoring CPU and RAM usage. Not only this, it can also be used as a countdown timer or an RSS reader. By using the six buttons located above the GamePanel, you can adjust the backlighting, save keymaps and record macros.

The G13 Gameboard comes with 22 fully programmable buttons and an analog joystick along with a software disc containing the required drivers for installation. Unfortunately, there is no plug and play functionality so you’ll have to download the software to be able to program the keys, create macro commands or even change the GamePanel’s settings.

In actual use, the G13 GameBoard is quite comfortable. It’ll certainly help you to improve your reflexes and polish your skills as you’ll no longer need to worry about hitting the wrong key and end up losing a fight – every button will be well within the reach of your hand. It’s got that beast look and a futuristic design, and overall, it just has that unmatchable yet sensational Logitech vibe. If you are a Logitech fan, the Gameboard is a must try and I’m sure you would love the overall experience.

5. Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB

The Budget King

  • Best price to performance
  • Impressive RGB Backlighting
  • Weird key layout
  • Sub-par comfort
  • Awkward placement of Space key

Switches: OUTEMU Blue or Brown Mechanical Switches | Dimensions: 2 inches x 9 inches x 11 inches | Weight: 771g | Backlighting: RGB backlighting

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To round up the list of best gaming keypads, we have a brand reputed for providing cheap peripherals without compromising it’s build quality. Yes, it is none other than Redragon. The keypad we have is quite possibly the best bargain on our list: Redragon’s K585 DITI One-Handed RGB.

As mentioned, Redragon never fails to provide you with the best possible build quality for an extremely low price. The keys feel premium and produce that satisfying click sound that you’d expect from a mechanical keyboard. The aluminum texture gives a great feeling when you rub your fingers onto it. However, there was one area where build quality was compromised – the wrist rest which is made out of plastic. More on that below.

It comes with 42 keys along with 7 programmable macros which can be programmed for single and multiple keystrokes. It can be said that all the necessary action keys for gaming are packed in a compact yet stylish way. In terms of lighting, you can select from 5 RGB backlit modes with 16.8 million colors according to your liking.

The area where the K585 loses points, as mentioned before, is comfort as it offers a magnetic detachable wrist rest made out of plastic, which might not be the best when it comes down to long gaming hours. Another downside is that the keys are only available with brown and blue switches. Besides that, the keys are placed with a bit of space in them which can be a bit uncomfortable and the space key is awkwardly placed which can be quite difficult to reach.

All in all, the Redragon K585 DITI is a great value for the buck. Although it might not have as many features as the other keypads listed above, it certainly gets the job done without putting a strain on your wallet.

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