Best Headphones For Kids To Buy In 2020: 5 Cool Cans For Your Little Ones

It is a proven fact that our sense of hearing is strongest when we are young and it starts to decline as we get older. In other words, children in the 3-12 age group tend to have more sensitive ears than most adults.

In this age of modernization, most children get their first smartphones or tablets and are introduced to gaming and loud music at a very young age. They spend hours listening to music and watching videos using headphones with high sound levels. Gone are the days when kids used to go out and play football with their friends; today it is more about sitting at home playing Counter Strike or PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds with friends. Consequently, for such games, sound is an important factor and headphones are required for a better gaming experience.

However, sound limitation is extremely important since kids have highly sensitive ears and may be immune to ear damage or hearing loss due to prolonged exposure of high levels of noise.

Therefore sound limitation should be considered before going out to buy a pair of headphones for your child. The suggested limit by the Hearing Health Foundation is 85 decibels, and there are many headphone making companies that produce kid-friendly headphones and comply with this noise limit. Thus we have rounded up a list of 5 best headphones for kids out there with excellent build qualities and fairly acceptable price tags.

1. Puro Sound Labs BT2200

The Premium Choice

  • Excellent build quality
  • Great design
  • Premium feel
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Expensive

Battery Life: 18 Hours | Connectivity: Wired/Bluetooth | Form Factor: On-Ear | Sound Limit: 85db

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Puro Sound Labs is well known for its high-quality headphones and is currently producing headphones targeted towards both the child and the adult consumer audience. Their wireless, Bluetooth-enabled BT2200 is targeted towards kids and comes with features that make it the ideal headphone for kids. It makes use of 40mm dynamic drivers and comes in three color options: white and silver, black and silver, and tan and gold. It might be a bit pricey for some, but it still offers a decent value and the price is not ridiculously high.

The BT2200 has an incredibly sturdy design and impressive build quality. It is made out of aluminum wrapped in a soft, leathery fabric that feels quite premium and offers great comfort. Since it is made for kids, it comes in a relatively smaller form factor and might be a bit small for most adults.

It is specially designed to provide utmost comfort for kids and their relatively smaller ears. It fits quite nicely on your head and the foam cushioning on the ear cups and around the top part of the headphone ensures that your head or ears do not feel any sort of pain or stress. It features a sturdy design which means that the headphones remain tightly hooked on your head and do not fall off easily.

 Easy connectivity through Bluetooth, and a wired connection is also an option offered by BT2200. The battery life is quite impressive, as it can easily provide up to 18 hours of continuous music playback. The performance is also quite good. It has a sound limit of 85 decibels and it comes with passive noise cancellation which cuts off 82% of the surrounding noise. It produces crystal-clear, high quality sound without being extraordinarily loud. Moreover, it also performs well during gaming, and the sound is pretty accurate and not too laggy.

All in all, the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 is the perfect headphone for kids. It complies with the restrictions laid by the Hearing Health Foundation (limiting the noise level to 85 decibels) without compromising on the build quality or performance. The only problem could be the price which some might consider as a bit too high for a kids’ headphone.

2. Jlab Audio JBuddies Studio Bluetooth Headphones

The Budget Star

  • Excellent comfort
  • Adequate audio Quality
  • Low price tag
  • Decent build quality
  • User unfriendly control panel

Battery Life: 13 Hours | Connectivity: Wired/Bluetooth | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Sound Limit: 85db

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Next up on our list of best kids’ headphones is possibly the best value for the buck. Yes, it is Jlab Audio’s JBuddies Studio headphones. Designed for kids, the JBuddies on-ear headphones are incredibly budget-friendly and work best for older kids.

You have to give props to Jlab Audio for the design on this one – it looks really stylish and doesn’t feel cheap at all. The color options are all good looking: blue and grey, gray or gray, or gray/purple

Although made out of plastic, the JBuddies have quite a decent build quality and are extremely comfortable. Jlab did not compromise on comfort despite the low price tag. The headband is covered in nice, smooth padding and the earpads are also made out of nice, soft foam. It helps to make the headphones comfortable and suitable for long car or plane journeys or even for prolonged gaming.

Speaking of gaming, the JBuddies will give you an average performance, as they are not specifically designed for gaming. The internal microphone also gives an average sound quality, and your voice may seem distant or distorted at the other end. Therefore, it’s not the best option for playing multiplayer games like PUBG, Counter Strike where communication is important.

Another drawback is the flimsy control panel. There are two similar looking buttons that are used to adjust the volume and to change tracks. I have used many headphones with similar control panels and almost every time I accidentally changed tracks when I wanted to adjust the volume. To make things more complicated, the play/pause toggle and call controls are also accessed using the same button that is used to change tracks.

Despite being cheap, these headphones produce crisp and clear audio. Yes, the sound does not exceed 85 decibels. The battery life allows for almost 13 hours of continuous music playback. In conclusion, they are stylish, elegant and provide decent performance with fairly acceptable battery life.

3. JBL JR300BT Headphones

The Comfort Pick

  • Attractive colors for kids
  • Decent comfort
  • Great audio Quality
  • Audio can be imprecise with high bass levels
  • Inconvenient control panel

Battery Life: 12 Hours | Connectivity: Wired/Bluetooth | Form Factor: On-Ear | Sound Limit: 85db

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JBL is a renowned brand in the headphone market. JBL released its JR300BT Headphones targeted for kids, given its fancy design and the wide range of color options, and of course the 85-decibel sound limit.

Speaking of colors, the JR300BT headphones come in orange/purple/aqua/, blue/orange and signature pink color options. The bright colors appeal to most kids, but they might look a bit ridiculous on adults. Still, we should not forget that this is a product specifically designed for kids.

In terms of design, these headphones prove to be a sturdy and comfortable fit. The headband and earpads are well-cushioned to provide a comfortable listening experience. The earcups are adjustable, meaning they easily fit on small ears and also fit quite nicely on certain adults’ ears. Inside the earpads, JBL houses a 32mm driver in each ear. It can reach a maximum sound level of precisely 85 decibels, hence ensuring a safe and preservative hearing experience.

The performance of these headphones is also quite impressive. The bass is quite high and the audio is crisp and clear. However, they struggle when it comes to playing songs with really high bass levels, and that is where the audio becomes distorted and inaccurate to some extent. Nonetheless, it should not be a major issue for most kids as long as the audio is clear and loud enough. In addition, they provide up to 12 hours of continuous playback, which is more than enough for most kids and even adults. The microphone is of fairly intelligible quality too.

Unfortunately, just like Jlab’s Jbuddies, the JR300BT headphones come with a simple yet extremely complicated control panel. Most of the functions are accessed using the power button. Using them might become a nightmare if the fragile power button stops working for some reason. It might become quite annoying when you want to turn off the device and accidentally hold down the power button for too long and it activates the call management function. Moreover, there are no volume rockers, as the volume is to be controlled using the connected handheld device. The microphone offers weak intelligibility and the recorded results are quite poor.

Long story short, the JR300BT is an excellent product and provides a decent amount of everything. The device is extremely comfortable, audio is quite impressive and battery life is also good. A considerable product if you are looking for a colorful, stylish pair of headphones for your child.

4. LilGadgets Untangled Pro

Best Looking

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Classy design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Comparatively inferior comfort
  • Exceeds recommended sound limit for kids using wired connection

Battery Life: 12 Hours | Connectivity: Wired/Bluetooth | Form Factor: On-Ear | Sound Limit: 85db (93db via Wired Connection)

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The LilGadgets Untangled Pro Kids headphones stand on the fourth spot in our list. As the name suggests, they are wireless headphones and make use of Bluetooth connectivity with an over-ear form factor.

Available in black, blue, purple, pink, green and white color options, the Untangled Pro headphones look quite classy and stylish. In fact, the design is similar to most adult headphones. If your child is not a fan of those childish, kid-friendly designs and wants something cool, then these might be it.

In terms of comfort, these headphones are a 9 out of 10. The build quality is quite solid, however, what makes them lose a point is the fact that the ear pads might not be the most comfortable for prolonged music sessions. The headband and plush ear pads come with significant padding, and although they are quite comfortable, they might cause stress to the ears when it comes to playing for long hours.

When it comes to performance, the Untangled Pro proves to be quite solid. They are equipped with 40mm drivers behind each ear pad. The overall result is great as the sound quality is top-notch, and the richness of the audio is also impressive.

One concerning thing is that the Untangled Pro can reach a sound limit of 93 decibels instead of the traditional 85 decibel range, which might be a problem for some parents. However, it exceeds 85 decibels only when using a wired connection and does not exceed 85 decibels if it’s connected via Bluetooth. Therefore, a wireless connection is preferred if your child is using the device. Moreover, the in built microphone gives average results and does not give a clear voice quality which might not be favorable for gaming or having conversations.

The battery life is decent, offering about 12 hours of music playback. Overall, it’s a great product and provides much in every aspect. For its affordable price, it proves to be an excellent pick for most parents looking for a decent pair of headphones for their child.

5. CozyPhones Kids Headphones

Most Unique

  • Highly portable
  • Superb comfort
  • Sub-Par sound quality
  • Poor battery life
  • Lacks connectivity options

Battery Life: N/A | Connectivity: Wired Only | Form Factor: In-Ear | Sound Limit: 85db

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Next up on our list is a product that is completely different from all other kinds of kids’ headphones out there. They are quite possibly one of the most unique and creatively designed headphones out there which might be alluring for kids especially those who are attracted towards fancy designs. They are also quite cheap as well.

These headphones are not like your typical on-ear headphones. Essentially, they are washable headbands made out of soft, durable fleece material with a detachable 32-inch cord, which means that they are more of an in-ear headphones. Apart from that, they also act like sleep masks, therefore making them highly travel friendly.

CozyPhones has come up with an on-point design pattern specifically for kids. There are tons of design options to choose from that your child will absolutely love: a blue unicorn, white unicorn, a lion, green and purple kitties, and even frog and bunny designs.

Thanks to the headband build design, the CozyPhones are highly portable and durable. They are made out of soft, flexible material which means that you can roll them up and keep them in your bagpack’s side pocket. They take an extremely less amount of space too. The headband is really comfortable, and you can even use it as an eye mask or sleep mask, thus making it an ideal choice for taking on airplanes and long journeys. As the name suggests, they offer a ‘cozy’ and comfortable experience.

Unfortunately, the performance and battery life is quite poor. However it should not be forgotten that their prime focus is comfort, durability and portability. Nevertheless, the sound quality is still acceptable and more importantly, the volume does not exceed 85 decibels. Another disadvantage is that there are no other connectivity options (no Bluetooth connectivity as well) except a 3.5mm headphone plug.

The CozyPhones Kids Headphones are thoughtfully designed in a creative manner and offer an excellent level of comfort. Although the performance is questionable, they provide decent build quality and portability. Most importantly, they are extremely cheap and affordable, which makes them earn the 5th spot on our list. 

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