Best LGA 1150 CPU To Buy In 2020

The LGA 1150 socket is a unique motherboard socket which was first introduced back in 2013 and was based on Intel’s very own Haswell microarchitecture. It supports Intel’s fourth and fifth gen processors such as the i7 4790K or the i5 4570.

As the name suggests, the LGA1150 socket has 1150 proprietary contact points between the processor and the motherboard. This means that processors with 1150-pin connectors can be used with the LGA1150 socket. An 1150-pin processor can not be used on a LGA 1151 socket, and similarly an 1151-pin processor can not be used on the LGA 1150.

That being said, if you have a motherboard that features the LGA 1150 socket and you are looking to upgrade your CPU, then you’re at the right place. Below is a list of our favorite CPU picks for the LGA 1150. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

1. Intel Core i7 4790k

Best Choice

  • Excellent performance
  • Readily available
  • Unlocked chip
  • Highest base and turbo frequency in the list
  • Power hungry

Cores: 4 | Threads: 8 | Base Frequency: 4.0GHz | Maximum Turbo Frequency: 4.4GHz | Integrated Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 | Unlocked: Yes | TDP: 88W | Cache: 8MB

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The i7 4790k is the most powerful 4th generation processor from intel based on the haswell architecture. Released in the 2nd quarter of 2014, it still holds its ground when it comes to performance be it gaming or every day usage.

The i7 4790k is a 4 core 8 thread processor which might be a bit less for upcoming games that demand more than 4 cores but for most modern games it might just be enough. It is based on a 22nm architecture with a TDP of 88w which is a bit higher than the non K version of i7 4790 courtesy of it being an unlocked processor. The non-K version of the i7 4790 has basically no difference except a lower price and a bit lower base and turbo frequency.

As for the memory specifications, this chip has support for DDR3 memory upto 32GB at 1333 or 1600Mhz however, these numbers feel thin especially when you have DDR4 memory support with 128GB at massive speeds of over 5000Mhz.

Intel is popular in the gaming realm for its superior single core performance compared to Ryzen and same is the case with i7 4790k which makes it suitable for games that push the single core to its fullest such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Dota 2 but games such as Battlefield V use more than 4 cores which makes the experience worse on an i7 4790k even when paired with a high-end graphics card.

As mentioned prior, the K depicts the processor has overclocking capability and you can squeeze out even better performance with this chipset by tweaking the core clocks and volts. However, you will need a Z series board paired with a high performing cooler to overclock it for noticeable high performance otherwise it would not make much of a difference. Moreover, it is a power-hungry chip as well compared to its competitors.

The 4790K also includes integrated graphics within the chipset so you need not spend on a discrete graphics card if your usage is watching Netflix or scrolling through social media. However, the integrated HD graphics 4600 is obviously not enough for gaming or even some professional work like video editing or rendering.

Overall, the i7 4790K chipset is still decent and can provide you a decent gaming experience even on some recent titles however, for modern triple AAA titles you might want to consider another chipset or upgrading if you are already rocking this chipset. It is the best you can get on the market for a LGA 1150 socket motherboard that is easily available.

2. Intel Core i7 4770k

Best Gaming Performance

  • Can be overclocked
  • Impressive gaming performance
  • Integrated graphics
  • Can be found easily on the market
  • Less overclocking headroom

Cores: 4 | Threads: 8 | Base Frequency: 3.5GHz | Maximum Turbo Frequency: 3.9GHz | Integrated Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 | Unlocked: Yes | TDP: 84W | Cache: 8MB

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Next up we have the Intel i7 4770K which is only a mere centimeter behind the i7 4790K when it comes to performance. Based on the Haswell microarchitecture, the i7 4770K comes with the same 4-core and 8-thread layout that we see on the 4790K. It is not as powerful as the i7 4790K, although with sufficient overclocking you can get some really decent single-core performance out of it.

The i7 4770K supports the LGA 1150 socket and the ‘K’ depicts that it is an unlocked processor. It is based on the 22nm architecture and has a TDP of 84W. Apart from the unlocked multiplier, there is practically no difference when compared to the non-K i7 4770 except the price.

The i7 4770K is a decent option when it comes to playing heavy games like GTA V, Apex Legends, Fortnite and so on. You can get average gameplay quality at 1080p resolution, provided that you hook it up with a suitable graphics card. It puts up just fine with most games, but as advancements in computer technology and the gaming industry take place, you might have to upgrade your CPU in the near future.

As for the resolution, the i7 4770K offers integrated Intel HD graphics 4600 which is obviously not enough for hardcore gaming. Therefore, if you are looking for optimal performance, then you’ll have to get a dedicated graphics card. However, if gaming is not your priority then the 4600 graphics system should be enough.

There’s not a lot of headroom when it comes to overclocking this CPU. You can overclock it up to 4.2gHz pretty easily, but that’s just about it. It is definitely not the best processor for overclocking heads. However, as compared to the latest Ryzen chipsets which are rated at 65W TDP and even unlocked, you will require a beefy cooler for overclocking it to unleash its full potential.

All in all, the i7 4770K is a fairly decent processor that gets the job done, that is, achieving high-quality gameplay (720p or 1080p) at a stable 60fps. When coupled with a suitable GPU, the i7 4770K is a showstopper in the LGA 1150 family.

3. Intel Core i5 4690

The Cheapest

  • Cheap
  • Decent single core performance
  • Integrated graphics
  • A bit high TDP for a locked chip
  • Only 4 threads

Cores: 4 | Threads: 4 | Base Frequency: 3.5GHz | Maximum Turbo Frequency: 3.9GHz | Integrated Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 | Unlocked: No | TDP: 84W | Cache: 6MB

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When it comes to choosing a suitable LGA1150 processor, you can’t really go wrong with the Intel Core i5-4690. Like other CPUs on this list, the Core i5-4690 is built on the Haswell architecture and it has a lower price tag when compared to our top contenders in this list.

The i5-4690 is a quad-core processor featuring a four-thread design. Consequently, it is a bit slower than i7 series processors when it comes to carrying out numerous tasks that require multi-threading. It is based on the 22nm manufacturing node and has a TDP of 84W.

Moving on to the RAM support, the i5-4690 supports DDR3 memory technology with speeds up to 1300Mhz and 1600Mhz and a maximum system capacity of 32GB. It is not the best stuff in the market as modern processors have stepped up their game to DDR4 and provide up to a whopping 128GB of RAM.

Being an Intel-manufactured CPU, there is absolutely no surprise in the fact that the i5-4690 provides excellent single-core performance and provides solid benchmarks in this area. It is, therefore, quite effective when it comes to carrying out single-core tasks and gaming. But since it is not octa-core, it might struggle with heavy tasks and gaming that requires more than four cores.

As for GPU, the i5-4690 comes with integrated HD graphics that should be enough if you’re not planning on running some heavy games on it. If your priority is gaming, then you’ll have to pair it with a graphics card to obtain solid 1080p gameplay at stable frames.

Being a locked processor, the i5-4690 does not have overclocking capabilities. It runs at a clock speed of 3.5Ghz and has a turbo frequency of 3.9 Ghz. If you are someone that likes to overclock their CPU to unleash its full potential, then we would recommend you to buy the 4690K that will cost you a few extra bucks.

In conclusion, the i5-4690 is a decent processor and can seamlessly carry out most modern day-to-day tasks. It can also run most games without any issue and hence earns the third spot in our list.

4. Intel Xeon E3 1230 v3

Best Value For Money

  • Cheap
  • Lower TDP than i5 4690 even with higher threads
  • Performance on par with i7 4770
  • No integrated graphics
  • It is basically meant for server purposes

Cores: 4 | Threads: 8 | Base Frequency: 3.3GHz | Maximum Turbo Frequency: 3.7GHz | Integrated Graphics: No | Unlocked: No | TDP: 80W | Cache: 8MB

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Intel’s xeon lineup was basically released and used for server purposes and has been often overlooked when it comes to gaming. The LGA 1150 socket’s xeon processors are strong competitors even in gaming and offer better price to performance than the ‘core i’ series. Xeon E3 1230 v3 is no different.

Xeon E3 1230 v3 features a similar 4-core and 8-thread like the i7 chips mentioned in this list. Offering an impressive 3.7GHz turbo frequency, you can have your chip running at 3.7GHz when a single core task is pushing it to its fullest and at 3.3GHz when all 4 cores are under a 100% load which is the rated base frequency of this processor.

As far as memory is concerned, just like any other chipset on this list, it features DDR3 memory upto 32GB at 1333 or 1600MHz speed. Its TDP is a bit lower than prior mentioned chips rated at 80W.

This chip lacks integrated graphics so you will have to pair it with a discrete graphics card to just get a display on your monitor. If you don’t want to carry out heavy tasks or play games then you can be better off with another option in this list.

In terms of performance, you can get decent performance out of this chipset and a similar experience to what the i7 4770 offers, especially in gaming. When paired with a GTX 1060 and run at 1080p high settings, we were able to achieve around 130~200 and 80~120 fps in eSports titles like Csgo and Dota 2 respectively.

It can be said that the Xeon E3 1230 v3 is essentially an i7 4770 without integrated graphics and a bit lower core clock, however the cost is significantly lower than the latter which is why we recommend getting the Xeon chipset over the i7 4770 if you are not opting for the ‘K’ version.

That being said, the Xeon E3 1230 v3 is definitely a worthy contender for the best LGA 1150 CPU and can provide a decent gaming experience at a lower cost compared to its counterparts however, due to lack of integrated graphics you might want to consider another option if you don’t want to spend on a graphics card.

5. Intel Core i7 5775C

Best Performance

  • Superb performance
  • Significantly low TDP compared to others
  • Unlocked
  • Lacks availability
  • Sold at ridiculous prices by resellers

Cores: 4 | Threads: 8 | Base Frequency: 3.3GHz | Maximum Turbo Frequency: 3.7GHz | Integrated Graphics: Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 | Unlocked: Yes | TDP: 65W | Cache: 6MB

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Last but not the least, we have the i7-5775C based on the Broadwell architecture and built on a 14nm lithography. It has an unlocked clock multiplier, as denoted by the ‘C’ in its name and has a TDP of 65W.

Being an i7 5th-gen processor, the 5775C features a quad-core and octa-thread setup. Again, there is no doubt in the fact that the single-core performance of this CPU is phenomenal. It features hyper-threading, which basically means that it can utilize two processing threads per core. The result is greater efficiency and faster execution of heavily-threaded tasks.

The memory controller on this chipset supports dual-DDR3 memory that can run at a max 1600Mhz and can accommodate up to 32GB system memory.

The i7-5775C also comes with Iris Pro 6200 Integrated graphics that are the best integrated graphics on this list. Intel has also included eDRAM to go with the integrated graphics. However, if you want to run graphic-intensive games then you’ll have to hook it up with a discrete graphics card. Once paired with a solid GPU, the i7-5775C provides ground-breaking performance at high resolution.

Since it is an unlocked processor, there is a bit of room available for overclocking. The 5775C runs at a base clock frequency of 3.3Ghz up to a max turbo frequency of 3.7Ghz. The numbers are not mind-blowing anyway, but if you want to push the 5775C to its max then go ahead.

One downside of this CPU is that for some reason, Intel manufactured limited units of this processor. Thus, the 5775C has become quite rare in the market. It has become more difficult than ever to find a brand new i7-5775C chipset, and second-hand options are too expensive. That being said, if you happen to come across a hot deal for this processor, then do not let it go.

All in all, the i7-5775c is an excellent processor that comes with a package of awesome features. Mind you – it is quite a rare find, but once you get your hands on one of these, you will definitely not be disappointed.

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