Best Monitor Wall Mounts Reviewed for 2020

Nowadays, the average person spends quite a few hours in front of a monitor on a daily basis, without actually considering how the setup we have affects us and our health. Improper viewing angles and orientation can cause eye strain, headaches, neck & shoulder pain as well as leading to a drop in performance. That’s why it’s important to adjust the monitor so the top of the screen is 2 to 3 inches above eye level and it’s just far enough so that your fingers don’t touch the screen when you extend your arm.

Monitor wall mounts enable users to achieve the perfect ergonomic monitor setup for the ideal viewing angle and depth. They allow the user to maximize productivity, reduce eye strain, headaches, and minimize neck & shoulder pain. Moreover, a monitor wall mount frees up more space on your workstation to allow for a cleaner, tidier setup with the least amount of clutter. That’s why we’ve carefully put together a list of the best monitor wall mounts. Reading through this article will help you decide which of these products suits you the most and enable you to make a smart purchase.

1. North Bayou Monitor Wall Mount (F150-B)

Fully Articulating

  • Fluid motion
  • Full range of mobility
  • Versatile
  • Low max weight capacity

Monitor Screen Size: 17-27 inches | Weight Capacity: 15.4 lbs | Build: Aluminum Alloy

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North Bayou’s Monitor Wall Mount features Gas springs which allow movement and adjustments to with the lightest of touches. NB’s Wall Mount features extensive mobility including a +35 and -55 degree tilt as well as 360 degree rotation to orient your monitor in any position that you desire. The mount can extend 15.2 inches away from the wall and its height is also adjustable up to 6.1 inches. The mount is VESA compatible for both 75×75 mm holes as well as 100×100 mm holes. One drawback of the gas spring mechanism is that this mount can only support light weight monitors, of up to 15.4 lbs. Which isn’t much in the case of a 27 inch monitor.

Using this fully articulating ergonomic wall mount is a piece of cake. All you have to do is gently move the arms or the monitor any way you like. You can tilt, rotate or pan any way you desire. You can adjust the ease of movement by loosening or tightening a screw, thereby making it easier or harder to move the monitor out of its current orientation to your liking. The cable management system helps tidy up your setup as it grips the wires attached to the monitor in plastic clips. You’ll find all the required hardware for installation and assembly in the box. No professional help is required for both assembly and installation, it can easily be done by the average user themselves.

In conclusion, this monitor wall mount is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a fully maneuverable, ergonomic wall mount for a lightweight monitor. One drawback is that it doesn’t support monitors which weigh more than 15.4 lbs. To its advantage, this wall mount isn’t even expensive considering the features it has.

2. AmazonBasics Premium Wall Mount

Mobility Mount

  • Extensive mobility
  • Easy to adjust
  • Assembly required
  • Expensive

Monitor Screen Size: upto 32 inches | Weight Capacity: 25 lbs | Build: Aluminum

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A product from AmazonBasics itself, the Premium Wall Mount is exactly what its name suggest it is. It’s one of the best, premium wall mounts available. The mobility it offers is definitely its best feature. It allows height adjustment, side-to-side pan, extension / retraction, as well as 360 degree rotation to orient the display in landscape or portrait mode. Users are also able to tilt their monitor forwards or backwards a limited angle to perfect their viewing angle. The ease and mobility makes the whole experience smooth and free-flowing. You need just a slight touch to adjust the monitor to your liking. When you want to save space, you can simple push the monitor back towards to wall and out of the way since the arms are almost completely foldable.

AmazonBasics’ Premium Wall Mount supports a large array of monitors. Any screen up to 32 inches in width can be mounted using VESA compatible 75×75 mm or 100×100 mm holes. Due to its strong aluminum build, the maximum capacity of the weight it can support is a hefty 25 lbs. It offers a 1 year warranty as well if you’re concerned about its build quality. The mount also has a cable management system which reduces clutter and makes your setup tidier. However, the mount does require some assembly after delivery.

On the downside, it does not come pre-assembled so you’ll need to follow a few simple steps using the hardware that comes in the box to put it all together. Afterwards, you can simply screw the mount into your wall and it’s ready to use.

All in all, the Premium Wall Mount is a little pricey considering it doesn’t have any flashy aesthetics and comes in a simple black color. However, it offers a ton of mobility and ease with flexible, smooth motion. The fact that it can support large monitors is also a plus point to consider, which is why it’s earned the number two spot in our list.

3. VIVO Full Motion Wall Mount (VW06)

Budget Friendly

  • Extremely budget friendly
  • Large monitors supported
  • No rotation
  • Limited mobility

Monitor Screen Size: 13-42 inches | Weight Capacity: 44 lbs | Build: High Grade Steel

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VIVO’s Full Motion Wall Mount provides fluid movement and some mobility in a very affordable price. Built with steel, the strong frame can support a whopping 44 lbs. Considering it can support monitors from 13 inches in width up to 42 inches, a 44 lbs capacity is more than enough even for the heaviest monitors in the market. The mount supports these monitors through VESA compatible 75×75 mm or 100×100 mm holes.

This mount is easy to assemble and the hardware required to do so comes in the box. Mounting it on the wall is easy as well and can be done without professional help. The steel frame is painted matte black for a sleek aesthetic which doesn’t make the mount look cheap in any way whatsoever. It also features a neat cable management system which houses the wires leading up to the monitor. However, the mobility of VIVO’s Full Motion Wall Mount is slightly limited. You can’t rotate the screen if that’s something you’d want. Although, the mount does allow you to tilt the screen a little in both directions as well as a 45 degree swivel towards left and right which provides sufficient adjustability for the average user.

Overall, the Full Motion Wall Mount provides an inexpensive wall mount for large monitors and offers limited but sufficient mobility with smooth movement. The value for money factor for this product is impressive to say the least.

4. WALI Dual LCD Monitor Wall Mount

Dual Monitor Mount

  • Dual monitors
  • Dynamic gas spring movement
  • 10 year warranty
  • Only lightweight monitors supported

Monitor Screen Size: upto 27 inches | Weight Capacity: 14.3lbs | Build: Metal

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If you’re one of those users who prefer a dual monitor setup for their work or gaming and require a dual monitor wall mount, WALI’s Dual LCD Monitor Wall Mount is your best bet. It has two fully articulating, ergonomic arms which mount monitors through their VESA compatible 75×75 mm and 100×100 mm holes. It can support monitors upto 27 inches in width, but can only support a meager 14.3 lbs per arm. So, you can’t be using heavy monitors with this mount if you want to keep within the safe limits. The cable management system keeps the cables of both monitors out of sight, making your setup a lot tidier.

The maneuverability this wall mount offers is spectacular. The gas springs enable swift, fluid motion with light force required to adjust the monitor to your liking. Speaking of adjustments, you can rotate both monitors 180 degrees and swivel 90 degrees back and forth. You can adjust them to the perfect viewing angle using the +75 and -45 degree tilt as well. Another great feature is that it has removable plates. So you can even use non VESA compliant monitors if you replace the mounting plate. Both arms are independent of each other. You can adjust the tension of each arm independently with an Allen key which comes in the box, along with all the other hardware required for assembly and installation.

The versatility this mount offers is why it’s the best for a dual monitor wall mount. It’s simple, easy to use and has great maneuverability. It comes with a 10 year warranty which is pretty much a lifetime when considering monitors and wall mounts. Keeping in mind that this mount is available under $50, it definitely deserves the number four spot on this list.

5. VideoSecu ML12B TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount

Budget Friendly

  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Large monitors supported
  • Full adjustability
  • Less ease of mobility

Monitor Screen Size: 19-32 inches | Weight Capacity: 44 lbs | Build: High grade steel

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The VideoSecu ML12B is a monitor wall mount which provides support to large LCD and TV monitors in a very budget friendly price. It can hold up to 44 lbs of weight and mount monitor screens from 19 to 32 inches. It can even hold some modern TV’s up to 47 inches in size. It has a strong steel build with a powdered black coating which gives it a sleek look. Due to its minimal build and low profile, it can fold inwards and maintain a 2.4″ profile to save space. On the other hand it can also extend up to 15 inches away from the wall. It provides some mobility, including tilt, swivel and and 360 rotation. However, it doesn’t perform as fluidly as other gas spring powered monitor arms.

This wall mount supports VESA hole compatible monitors for both 75×75 mm holes and 100×100 mm holes. Any monitor or TV with these VESA compatible holes with screen size ranging from 19 to 32 inches, and with some models even up to 47 inches, can be mounted on the VideoSecu ML12B mount. The strong steel construction allows the mount to hold up to 44 lbs of weight which is more than enough. It features 5 degree tilt forwards and backwards, 180 swivel left and right as well as 360 rotation. The only missing part one could be left wanting is gas spring arms due to the less fluid motion this mount supports. All hardware required for assembly comes with the mount and can be easily done without any professional help.

Overall, the VideoSecu LL12B Monitor Wall Mount is a great choice, providing exceptional value for money. It has a wide range of motion and adjustability. Its high grade steel construction provides a durable mount for your monitor at a very inexpensive price. All in all, one of the best choices if you don’t mind the mobility not being as easy as it is with gas spring mounts.

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