Best Printer For Cardstock: 5 Definitive Picks To Buy In 2020

Cardstock is generally more durable and thicker than normal paper. Printing on cardstock is not for every printer, due to the cardstock being bulkier than normal paper. It often requires more ink to print on cardstock. Since the cardstock is thicker than normal paper, printers that are not designed to print on such material will not work for cardstock. You cannot use a regular printer to print on cardstock if it does not have the capability to print on thick material.

Although there are many printers that are excellent machines to print on cardstock, some are just better than others. We have looked through and chosen the best printers for cardstock at this time. In this list, we will tell you the reasons for them being the best at this particular category of printing. We will also go through some of their own individual qualities and shortcomings.  We believe that of all the printers that can print on cardstock, the Canon Pixma iX6820 is widely considered to be the best printer for cardstock. There are many reasons for this; we will take a closer look into the Pixma iX6820 below.

1. Canon Pixma iX6820

The Best Choice

  • Connectivity options
  • Great quality photos
  • Reasonably priced
  • Wireless printing
  • No duplex printing

Print Resolution: 9600 x 2400 dpi | Print Speed (Color): 10.4 ppm | Compatibility: Windows, MAC | WIFI: Yes| Dimensions: 23 x 12.3 x 6.4 inches | Weight: 17.9 lbs | Paper Capacity: 1x 150 sheet stray | Maximum Print Size: 13 x 19 inches| Warranty: 1 year| Duplex Printing: No

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Canon is one of the foremost companies in the digital world. The product that gave Canon a lot of their fame is cameras. From cameras, Canon has gone on to make a ton of other items that can be used in the digital and electronic world such as projectors, lenses, etc. Printers are also one of the main products of this company.

These days, printers made by Canon are considered some of the best printers in the market. The Canon Pixma iX6820 substantiates this well-earned reputation even more. In the cardstock printer category, this is the most well-rounded printer available.

The Pixma iX6820 printer has a sleek design. It is very space-efficient. The low weight and compact design will allow you to move it from place to place with ease. The design gives it a sophisticated look. The buttons are placed on the right side and the rest of the space is free to make it clutter-free. There is no screen, all the controls are on the buttons.

One of the key points of this printer is its various connectivity options. You have the Wi-Fi availability, Ethernet cable, and a high-speed USB port. The initial installation might be tricky for some users, but once it is installed it is easy to use.

There are apps for cell phones that this printer is compatible with. The AirPrint app for iPhone devices and the Canon Print App for other devices. It is also compatible with Google Cloud Print. You can use these to print documents and photos remotely, without being near your printer. Switching between the WIFI and Ethernet LAN is effortlessly done once you have the printer installed. A little drawback might be that the automatic sheet feeder is a single tray with only 150 sheets.

The photo quality is very good. All the colors come out bright and neat. The same cannot be said for the text quality. It is decent and legible, but not as good as the image quality of the prints. The Pixma iX6820 does not have duplex printing capability. Meaning, you can only print one side of a sheet at one time. It offers great photo printing, wired and wireless connectivity, and printing all at a reasonable price. For cardstock printing, this is the best printer.

2. Epson Workforce WF 7720

Touch Screen Interface

  • Touch screen
  • All in one capability
  • Auto duplex printing
  • High paper capacity
  • Expensive paper costs

Print Resolution: 4800 x 2400 dpi | Print Speed (Color): 10 ppm | Compatibility: Windows, MAC | Wi-Fi: Yes | Dimensions: 22.3 x 32.2 x 16.5 inches | Weight: 40.8 lbs | Paper Capacity: 2x 250 sheet trays | Maximum Print Size: 13 x 19 inches | Warranty: Not specified | Duplex Printing: Yes

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Epson has been making some of the best printers in the market for some time. As a result, they are getting the recognition one gets by making high-quality products. They are no considered as one of the top printer manufacturers in the world. The Epson Workforce WF 7720 is another such product.

This printer gives you much more than just the basic printing of documents and images. There is also a copier and a scanner in this printer. Essentially, this is the complete package for an office. You can copy and scan documents as well as print what you need to, all with one machine.

The Workforce 7720 has a touch screen for controls and the like. It is generally easier to use controls being displayed on a screen rather than small buttons. Especially, with cell phones being touch screens, people are generally more used to the touch screen concept nowadays rather than the buttons. Unlike the Canon Pixma iX6820, the Epson WF 7720 does have duplex printing capability. The auto duplex printing is a big plus to save time for printing out documents that you want in a hurry.

The printing speeds are decent. They are not the best as some of the other Epson printers can beat the 7720 in the speed department. The printing speed of both the color and black prints is acceptable though not the best. The print quality of text documents is quite sublime.

The photo quality is good too, but its specialty is text printing. The paper tray is more than adequate as well with a 500-sheet capacity. The paper cost is somewhat inefficient. It is higher than some of the other printers and the average cost per paper of printing in general.

As far as the price for the printer itself goes, this is cheaper than a lot of other printers in the all in one printer category. The touch screen makes for easy control over the various functions. The print quality is able to match a lot of the higher-end printers as well. Overall, this is the best bang for your buck all in one printer. For a home office or small office, this can prove to be a very profitable item.

3. Brother HL L2300D Monochrome

Duplex Printing

  • Cheap
  • Great text printing
  • Efficient running costs
  • No WIFI or Ethernet connection
  • Monochrome

Print Resolution:2400 x 600 dpi | Print Speed (Black and White): 27 ppm | Compatibility: Windows, MAC | Wi-Fi: No | Dimensions: 14 x 14.2 x 7.2 inches | Weight: 15 lbs | Paper Capacity: 1x 250 sheet tray | Maximum Print Size: 8.5 x 14 inches | Warranty:1 year| Duplex Printing: Yes

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Brother is a multinational Japanese company that has been around for a long time. They make electrical equipment for home and office use. In this electrical equipment, printers, computers, sewing machines, etc. are included. Brother has made some of the best printers over the years.

Today, we take a look at the Brother HL L200D Laser printer. This is a monochrome printer, meaning it can only print in the black color. As a result, there is no image printing available in this printer. You can only print in black and white which limits the use of this printer to strictly office documents.

The L2300D is a very compact printer. As you can see from the dimensions, it is not big at all. It is rather small and box-like. This design theme is similar to a lot of other printers from Brother. They generally make boxy and compact printers with a black and grey color scheme. The same is true for the HL L2300D. It is also quite lightweight. Small size along with low weight makes it easy to transport and also makes it low space requiring.

The text printing is very good, on both paper and cardstock. All the characters are neat and legible, there is hardly any smudging or non-uniformity in the color. The running costs are low and affordable as well. The HL L2300D is able to match almost any other printer when it comes to running costs. To top it off, there is also the toner saver mode. This mode helps in saving ink and hence, making this printer more efficient when it comes to cost. You will be giving up a little print quality when using the toner saver mode.

The Brother HL L2300D does not have WIFI connectivity or an Ethernet interface. There is only the USB interface available in this printer. No internet compatibility means no remote functioning. You can only print it via the device to which it is connected with the USB cable. This is a very cheap printer, as a result, there were always going to be cut downs on the features. Still, for an office printer, it does the necessary document printing quickly and in very good quality.

4. HP LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw

The all in one choice

  • Printing speed is fast
  • Wireless printing capability
  • All in one
  • Low capacity of paper
  • Expensive

Print Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi | Print Speed (Color): 19 ppm | Compatibility: Windows, MAC | Wi-Fi: Yes | Dimensions: 15.4 x 16.4 x 12.7 inches | Weight: 40.3 lbs| Paper Capacity:1x 150 sheet tray | Maximum Print Size: 8.5 x 14 inches | Warranty:1 year | Duplex Printing: Yes

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Hewlett-Packard company of as it is better known, HP is a household name for electronic equipment. HP is a manufacturer of all sorts of electronic equipment from laptops and printers to various other hardware. When looking for printers, you expect to find some printers with the HP logo.

The Hp LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw is one of the best printers for cardstock at this time. This is an all in one printer. With this, you are able to scan, copy, and print documents and photos. An all in one printer like this saves you the hassle of having to buy separate machines for these functions that are necessary for an office.

The LaserJet M277dw also has a touch screen for easy controls and function access. The printing speeds are very good and consistent as well. The color printing speed especially is more than any other printer we have so far mentioned in this list. The M277dw also has WIFI as well as Ethernet LAN connectivity. With the WIFI, you are able to print documents remotely as well, without any need for direct contact with the printer or device to which it is connected.

The shortcomings of this printer are but a few. There is a low paper capacity or storage with the input tray being able to hold only 150 sheets. Then there is the average color print quality. We have seen printers with a much lesser price tag often producing better images than what you get with the M277dw. The text quality, however, is brilliant. Although there is the duplex printing feature available in this printer, you do not get the duplex scanning facility. Meaning you have to scan each side of the paper separately.

The HP LaserJet Pro M277dw is a premium-priced printer. It has all the bells and whistles that a high-end printer has. These features do come at a price. This is by far the most expensive printer we have added to this list of the best cardstock printers.

As such, we expect it to be the most versatile features and functions and an output quality to match. The M277dw, like all hardware, does have its shortcomings, but we believe this is the ideal printer for any business that is looking to buy a high end all in one printer for cards.

5. Epson Expression XP 15000

High quality printing

  • Wireless compatibility
  • Great photo quality
  • Expensive
  • Running costs are not optimal
  • Print speeds are not the best

Print Resolution: 5780 x 1450 dpi | Print Speed (Color):9 ppm | Compatibility: Windows, MAC | Wi-Fi: Yes | Dimensions: 18.7 x 31 x 16.2 inches | Weight: 18.7 lbs | Paper Capacity: 1x 200 sheets tray | Maximum Print Size: 13 x 19 inches | Warranty:1 year | Duplex Printing: Yes

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Finally, our last pick in this list of the best printers for cardstock is the Expression XP 15000. This is another printer by Epson. Unlike the Epson printer we mentioned earlier, this is a much more premium-priced printer. It is also one of the best at this time.

As far as design goes, this printer is a good-looking piece of hardware. It is small, compact, and lightweight to boot. This makes the XP 15000 easily portable. The buttons which you can use to control and use the printer are on the front of the printer, in easy view, and easy access to the user.

Expression XP 15000 has complete wireless compatibility. It has WIFI as well as an Ethernet internet connection. You can print documents remotely via the Epson printing apps, the Apple AirPrint, or the Google Cloud Print among other wireless printing options.

Epson uses ink cartridges called Claria Photo ink cartridges. The Claria Photo HD inks do not disappoint. The image quality of this printer is extraordinary. This printer easily has the best image output quality of any printer that we have mentioned in this list.

As you can see from the spec list, the XP 15000 is not a speedster. The printing speeds are on the slow side. The running costs of this printer are not to be brushed off. This is an expensive printer. It has great features and functions all around, but those features do have a price. The price of the printer is high and the running costs afterward are much the same.

All things considered, this printer is still one of the best printers for both text and images. The image quality especially is very good. If you require a lot of image printing than this will be your top choice. It is, however, one of the more expensive printers. You need to see if you have such requirements to go for an expensive printer when there are less expensive, efficient printers available.

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