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Speaker wires are primarily used to establish a smooth passageway for electrical impulses to move between the speaker and amplifier source. Capacitance, inductance and resistance form the core of a quality speaker cable. Howbeit, several factors must be taken under consideration for this trio to coexist effectively. The most substantial out of them is gauge.

To put it concisely, wire gauge gives out the measurement of wire diameter. The most necessary consideration in this regards is to understand that wire gauge’s alignment with the system substantially affects overall performance.

The correspondence between sound dynamics and speaker wires has been an audiophile-favorite debate for as long as anyone cares to remember. While an expert-certified verdict for the battle is awaited, it is imperative to consider that any well-built cable satisfying one’s basic system requirements is a wise and practical alternative to unsheathing a sword and joining the combat.

1. Monoprice 2747


  • Highly compatible with banana plugs
  • Well-sheathed
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wire installation can be annoying without the aid of banana plugs
  • Slightly bulky in appearance

Product Dimensions: 5-9 x 5-8 x 3-1 inches | Item weight: 2.55 lb | Gauge: 12 AWG | Strand count: 87

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The Monoprice 2747 cable wire supplies one with a top-end, premium-quality speaker cable design, skillfully manufactured from raw materials of the finest achievable standard. Incorporating the quintessential characteristics for an intricately detailed performance, 2747 leads one to expect a phenomenal acoustic experience rightfully.

The speaker wires, are fabricated from highly refined, oxygen-free bare copper. Use of Bare copper adds to the malleability and ductility of the wire that amplifies the wire’s overall thermal conductivity. This also scales down your attenuation difficulties, providing greater durability for the wire to work over an extended period.

To safeguard the conductor core and insulation from external moisture and chemical degeneration, a polyvinyl chloride jacket envelops the cable structure. A blue stripe is marked upon the jacket as an indication of polarity, thus ensuring electrical safety. With a resistance of 0-0072 ohm per meter, 2747 is a guarantee of the wide frequency range for an upgraded home audio set-up.

Moreover, the colored stripe on the cable greatly assists in making the installation process hassle-free. Bearing in mind Monoprice’s lifetime warranty on all their cables, one can undoubtedly deduce their uncorrupted commitment to the service under their supervision.

The 2747 is indeed an impeccable descendant to this legacy of sound production and is a must-have companion for the components of your audio production set-up.

2. InstallGear 14 AWG

Intricate cable work

  • Compatible with both home and car audio systems
  • Dual-colored for polarity identification
  • Insufficient insulation
  • Inefficient without the use of banana plugs

Product Dimensions: 4.6 x 4.5 x 3.9 | Item weight: 2.1 lb | Gauge: 14 AWG | Length: 100ft

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Keeping on with their undertaking to provide exceptionally intricate cable works, InstallGear comes forth with this ultimate 14 gauge speaker wire. Adeptly assembled to comply with every bit of present-day acoustic requirements, these speaker cables orbit about one paramount concept; exemplary craftsmanship to provide finesse audio dynamics.

The wire is compactly engulfed within a soft-touched yet solidly engineered, flexible plastic jacket. For a convenient cable installation process to withstanding abrasion and external influences with excellent resistance, the plastic jacket too substantially benefits the overall stability of the cables.The jacket comprises of black and blue stripes, ideal for instantaneous polarity identification.

InstallGear’s expert furnishing of their articles makes them unparalleled. The CCA wires greatly complement the resistivity and conductivity of the systems, functioning with an extensive range of installation applications. For enhanced storage and operational facilities, the 100ft stranded wire is skillfully wounded around a spool. Initially, we were of the view that the soft insulation may be too hard to pull, but fortunately, it turned out just fine.

Even though it does not comprise of 100% copper, the ultimate sound production is exceptional. Be it the composition, the fundamental mechanism or the conventional manufacturing process, InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft is a rightful candidate to help amplify an impeccable personification of home audio dynamics for you.

3. GearIT Pro Series 14AWG

Copper-clad aluminium composition

  • Low resistance conductor
  • Compact spool for easy storage
  • Provide high fidelity sound
  • Can be too thick and sturdy for certain configurations
  • Due to the length the wire may entangle often

Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 9.4 x 6.8 inches | Item weight: 11.85 lb | Gauge: 14 AWG | Length: 50ft

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Transitioning from GearIT’s much-acclaimed Pro Series, this 14 gauge cable is as operational as its predecessor. A handful of contemporary reconstructions have been incorporated into the basic system, ensuring a smooth alignment with present-day acoustic needs.

GearIt Pro 14 AWG uses copper-clad aluminium composition. This premium CCA structure dishes out extensive reliability and durability, predominantly in the circumstance of corrosion resistance. Being lightweight, malleable yet rigid in structure comes as an additional benefit smoothening the way for the installation process. Its affordability comes as an added extra when put together with the exceptional buffet of functionalities being offered.

The wires are safeguarded by an enveloping plastic braided jacket, increasing the protective measures against external influences. The wide-ranging stiffness provided by the extra layer of the jacket ensures a long-lasting service for the cables. The gold-plated banana plugs and brushed aluminium connectors amplify the conductivity to maximum. It leads to undistorted and ultimate-quality sound.

We used them with a number of speakers and receivers and were much satisfied to experience high-fidelity sound with each of them. Owing to its high-end build quality and associated mechanisms, this comparatively cost-effective option in the discipline of speaker cable production is a customer favorite article.

4. Mediabridge 14 AWG 2-conductor

Great Precision

  • High strand-count
  • 3ft indication trough markings for ease
  • Not very pocket-friendly
  • Slightly lose exterior casing
  • Faded imprint

Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 4.8 inches | Item weight: 7.5 lb | Gauge: 14 AWG | Length: 100ft

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Are you in a sworn allegiance with high-fidelity, and always on the look for detailed sound production with verisimilitude? Gear up because we have the ideal associate for your home audio set-up.

This piece of merchandise comes professionally equipped with a compact spool wrapping, providing storage and distribution simplicity. Usually available in 100ft spool, a 200ft alternative is also available in an episode of complexity or extra need. Oxygen-free copper not only enhances the corrosion resistance but also the overall thermal conductivity of the wire. To reduce susceptibility to breakage, the cables have a high strand count (0.16mm x 165 strands), making them highly flexible. As protection against external threats and electrical leakage, the wire is well-insulated.

The insulated jacket is color-coded greatly easing polarity identification. The cable’s compatibility with an extensive range of connectors from spade tips to banana plugs to even bend pins makes it a highly worthwhile product owing to this accessibility. The 3ft markings also come into great use. However, their imprint is slightly faded, making them really hard to see.

Another feather in the cap for Mediabridge’s 14AWG 2-conductor speaker wires is the ETL certification and CL2 rating for in-wall use in any residential area.

5. Pyle PSC1250

Minimal Overheating

  • The spool makes it easy to use
  • Polarity identification through red marking
  • 50ft can be a considerably short length for certain requirements
  • Does not make use of pure copper

Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 3.8 inches | Item weight: 1.7 lb | Gauge: 12 AWG | Length: 50ft

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Pyle’s PSC125 is distinctively fabricated to act in accordance with every single one of your home audio set-up requirements. Incorporating the quintessential present-day mechanisms, the cables are perfectly in character with multipurpose and generally used audio applications.

The cables have an unterminated finishing ideal to mate with your personal connectors or with any bare terminals. The outward form of the system consists of a two-toned composition in order to distinguish positive sections from negative sections. This particular feature greatly aids during the installation process. The wire’s 12 gauge thickness offers not only greater flexibility but an enhanced current-carrying capacity too.

This particular structure is extremely less prone to overheating thus absolutely sufficient for the resistance and electrical flow. Attributable to its beautiful, twisted braided strands, the cables are less susceptible to electrical or rather, any form of external interference. The PVC jacket safeguards against the above-mentioned threat further. The product is sold as a pair neatly wrapped around a solid, plastic spool for easier dispensing and cutting. The wires work very efficiently with most speaker configurations.

We particularly found the insulation to be considerably lightweight, which proved useful while setting up the components. This much acclaimed wire is your perfect companion authentic sound and distortion-free dynamics is an ideal companion to your home audio components.

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