Best Speakers For Vinyl Players In 2020: Picks For Everyone

Vinyl might look like a thing of the past, but they are absolutely irreplaceable. Vinyl records sound better than MP3s. They are the final version of the music recorded at the studio, and present that subtle feeling and presence as if you were sitting at the studio, listening to the song being recorded. It retains the originality of the song, just how the producers and directors probably wanted it to.

Just the surreal feeling of playing a vinyl record on a turntable is enough to make anyone invest in one. However, most turntables do not come with a built-in speaker. Therefore, you will have to buy one to optimize and enhance your experience of using a turntable. Speakers not only amplify the sound, but high-end, superior speakers also provide a deep bass, clear treble, and crisp finish to your music, augmenting your music experience.

Setting up speakers for turntables is somewhat hassle-free. We reviewed some of the most popular speakers for Vinyl for their performance, sound quality, and compatibility. Our top choices for best speakers are as follows:

1. Sony SSCS5

Matte Wood Finish

  • Supports high resolution audio
  • Diverse frequency response range
  • 3 way dual tweeter paves way for great sound clarity
  • Appropriate amplification is required
  • Does not feature any keyhole or wall mounting

Product Dimensions: 7 x 13.2 x 8.7 inches | Item weight: 9.4lb | Frequency Response: 53Hz to 50KHz | Configuration: 3 way | Compatibility: 6 ohms

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The SSCS5 is Sony’s newly upgraded 3-way class model incorporating the best to offer. If you’re looking for a high-fidelity audio dynamics devoid of unnecessary complexities and price range, this might just be the right thing for you. The speaker, when taken into account with the clothe grille on, has symmetrized sloping edges as a protective measure against unwarranted noises thus amplifying the audio quality. Upon removing, you come across the quintessential tweeter and woofer set up.

The contemporary aesthetic design makes it compatible with home audio systems as bookshelf speakers, as well as turntables. The speakers are ideal in size and can be adjusted anywhere due to their compact size. The unmatchable sound quality brings your vinyl music to life. They might be a bit pricey as compared to their rivals, but the high end features make these speakers worth all those extra bucks.

The MDF cabinet has an even matte wood finish with a vinyl wrap designed for natural resonance. Responsible for effectively handling audio response up to 50KHz, the 3-way system provides the “super tweeter” technology. They help create high frequency notes with exceptional precision through wide directionality.

Also, there’s a 5” woofer for further stability of sound. We found the sound quality to be absolutely spectacular, more so than we had expected. However, we do wish it had lesser power requirements. Another aspect that some might users find incompatible is the fact that it lacks wall mounting and keyholes.

Besides a few drawbacks, Sony SSCS5 is absolutely practical speaker, an evidence of Sony’s pioneer audio technology. After considerable upgrades as compared to its previous models, Sony SSCS5 is sure to give its competitors a run for their money with its unbeatable popularity.

2. Klipsch Rp-160M

Veneer Finishing

  • Durable polymer veneer brushing
  • Dense and lightweight structure
  • Rich and powerful brass
  • Encompasses a greater footprint as against other bookshelf speakers
  • Unfriendly for beginner use

Product Dimensions: 12.86 x 8.81 x 16.67 inches | Item Weight: 20.9lb | Frequency Response: N/A | Configuration: Deluxe 2-way class speaker | Compatibility: 8 ohms

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The Klipsch Rp-160M is best delineated by its high-end build quality. Featuring a thick and rigid MDF cabinet brushed with polymer veneer finishing, the speakers promise to harmonize with any decor seamlessly. As befits a substantially sized bookshelf speaker, the Klipsch RP-160M delivers powerful sound dynamics devoid of artificial bass or treble. This faithful sound playback pays an ode to Klipsch’s infamous trademark; horn technology. The 90 x 90° wave guide transitioning from Klipsch’s new-fashioned hybrid tractrix horn promises for symmetrical propagation of sound thus providing undistorted acoustics.

Towards the foot is a 6.5” metallic copper woofer that yields sophisticated speaker dynamics with the diffusion of a well-articulated bass range. The rear bottom of the system sports a dual terminal, ideal for editing off your low and high frequencies through bi-amping and bi-wiring. Synonymous to the tweeter at the front, a tractrix reflex port is located right atop the connection terminal maintaining a rectilinear frequency response.

Furthermore, the speakers are accompanied by a detachable magnetic grill for an even better acoustic experience. The only con we found in this speaker is that the accentuated bass, due to which, the users may find the overall sound experience a tad bit overpowering. In addition, the basic frame of the structure may be too intimidating and difficult to find appropriate space for.

Klipch Rp-160M is a beast when it comes to sound quality. This makes it a top choice for masses around the world when it comes to a budget-friendly speaker providing top-notch sound quality.

3. Edifier R2000DB

High Quality Sound

  • Diverse connectivity options
  • Great bass definition
  • Accompanied with a bunch of speaker accessories
  • Changing settings on the controls gets unmanageable due to the bulk weight
  • One must consider the dimensions if they are space constrained

Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 11.4 x 10 inches | Item Weight: 21.4lb | Frequency Response: 55Hz to 25 KHz | Configuration: 2 way | Compatibility: 6 ohms

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The Edifier R2000DB is a convenient course of action for buyers looking for elevated standards of sound dynamics unescorted by complexity and distortions. With a fairly handsome physique and an equally substantial audio performance, R2000DB makes for a conventional upgrade for your everyday PC speakers. Best described as a power pair, the R2000DB is a versatile, Bluetooth compatible speaker system incorporating digital, optical and coaxial input/output connections.

The cabinet design consists of timeless wooden structure finished with piano black. Unlike the customary gloss plastic, piano black is fortunately less prone to finger tips and can maintain its aura of quality for a longer period of time. With built-in DSP and DRC technologies, this MDF structure efficiently works in opposition to sound reverberance.

As previously seen on R1700BT, Edifier returns with its “Eagle eye” tweeters; this time with an enhanced diameter of 0.98”. This upgrade makes certain the precise directivity of sound waves. The rear panel consists of the amplifier, inputs and controls.

Once put into action, the R2000DB produces a ferocious output power of 120W with an extended and well-textured bass. The sound is high-powered but intricate thus providing a worthwhile audio experience. However, a drawback we noticed about this product is that users may find the remote controller to be partially dysfunctional due to defective remote sensors. Though this drawback is not common, but can be persistent. Moreover, the cable wires may be found to be delicate and ineffective.

In short, Edifier R2000DB is the top choice when it comes to unparalleled sound quality, providing a deep bass, clear treble and crisp sound. Diverse connectivity options provide increased compatibility, bringing your vinyl records to life.

4. JBL Studio 230

PolyPlas Woofer

  • Authentic to the audio being played
  • High Definition Imaging waveguide
  • Can be exceptionally loud at certain volumes
  • A glossy (hence scratchable ) top panel
  • A very slight decrease in sound quality at higher volumes

Product Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 19 inches | Item Weight: 17.5lb | Frequency Response: 52Hz-25KHz | Configuration: 2 way | Compatibility: 8 ohms

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Are you a committed home audio enthusiast, barely able to bear anything beyond high-fidelity? Well, look no more. This one is for all you audiophiles sneaking out there. As part of the 10 piece JBL Studio 2 loudspeakers, Studio 230 is a powerful successor to this legacy of sound production. Continuing with their undertaking to provide the best of technology, Studio 230 incorporates a 1″ CMMD lite high-frequency dome tweeter that transitions into a HDI wave-guide flawlessly maintaining a natural equilibrium to optimize undistorted audio.

Ensuring the provision of long transmission ranges, the system has a 1x 6.5″ PolyPlas (low-frequency transducer) woofer. Low frequency signals undergo less attenuation thus adding to the efficiency of the system.  As a multi-frequency handler with a range of 52Hz-25KHz, the speakers dishes out a diverse expanse of audio genres.

The cabinet design on the other hand, carries a very retro vibe thanks to the black gloss finishing much like the one used in the 80’s. If you prefer your showstopper to be more discrete, you may bring in use the detachable grill and naturally, take it off when felt necessary. The best feature of these speakers is definitely their ultra-powerful sound. Unlike its high end rivals, the JBL Studio 230 provides crystal clear sound quality, even at increased volumes. The only drawback we found in these otherwise marvelous speakers is the glossy finish that makes it susceptible to scratches.

JBL continues to be the preferred choice for masses around the world due to their traditional exceptional quality. These speakers are perfect if you are looking for user-friendly, yet aesthetically pleasing speakers to amplify your music experience.

5. Micca PB42X

Versatile & Durable

  • Efficient amplifier
  • Extended bass response
  • Distortion at high volumes
  • Overemphasized upper bass
  • Average built quality

Product Dimensions: 9.5x 5.8x 6.5 inches | Item Weight: 4 lb | Frequency Response: 60Hz-20 kHz | Configuration: 3 way | Compatibility: 8 ohms

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This beast features a woven carbon fiber for a deep bass, providing ultimate music experience. Silk dome tweeter enhances the performance of the speaker by providing clear treble and a crisp sound. It also boasts a built-in Class-D Texas Instrument amplifier with 15 W of power, creating an impactful and optimized music experience. With a frequency range of 60Hz to 20 kHz, the speakers work clearly well with all genres of music. The frequency response is smooth and clear, along with exceptionally low distortion and noise floor.

The solid wooden body with matte finishing provides an aesthetic advantage to the speakers. These speakers work perfectly fine even at high volumes, a feature that its high end rivals still struggle with. Their flawless performance makes them compatible with both home audio system as well as vinyl records, providing a surround sound experience.

After a much needed upgrade from its previous version, the 4-inch carbon woofer in Micca PB42X ensures enhanced sound quality. The speakers have greatly matured in contrast with previous models and we are thankful for an amazing acoustic experience. The speakers are very easy to set up and therefore require absolutely no hassle. Micca PB42X provides a great music experience, whether it is a small room or an outside gathering.  Some drawbacks that we found include an overemphasized upper bass, resulting in higher notes being out of range at higher volumes.

Micca PB42X is without a doubt, an ideal speaker for turntables with exceptional sound quality. These are also more budget friendly than their rivals, and built in amplifier makes things much easier. However, the speakers have virtually no upgrade flexibility.

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