Best Stereo Amplifiers To Buy In 2020

Stereo amplifiers are an essential part of your home audio setup, providing a naturally boosted and more dynamic sound. Integrated amplifiers are better than usual amplifiers because they contain audio preamplifier and power amplifier in a single unit. This provides not only a compact size but they are also ergonomically and scientifically engineered to amplify sound to a greater extent.

In choosing the best stereo amplifiers for your use, it is imperative to determine the quality, efficiency, and compatibility of these devices. A perfect place to begin the search is in comparing the models, such as the Cambridge Axiom Pro-Audio or the Cambridge CXA81 amplifier, as they have all been tested and evaluated by professionals who are familiar with the device’s features and its performance. It is very important to compare their different features in order to ensure that you will have the best quality model you can get for your money. If you’re looking for a comprehensive comparison between the best stereo amplifiers in the market, you have come to the right place!

1. Cambridge Audio CXA81

Toroidal Transformer

  • Intricate sound
  • Highly compatible
  • Aesthetic design
  • Slightly overpriced

Product Dimensions: 16.9 x 13.4 x 4.5 inches | Item weight: 21.7 pounds | Output: 80W

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Cambridge Audio is one of the top choices of masses around the world, due to its unwavering dedication and sheer commitment to provide only the best.  One of the most popular of these is the Cambridge Audio CXA81 amplifier. It offers a wide range of features including the ability to drive speaker load impedance, low noise operation, and a broad signal range. In addition to all of these great features, it has the ability to run on four separate channels.

The fact that Cambridge audio frequently examines and tests its amplifiers, making them more refined, is the evidence that Cambridge makes no compromise on its quality. The CXA81 boasts an authentic HI-FI stereo experience. The amp has considerably matured in contrast with previous Cambridge models, and we are thankful for an unusual acoustic experience. The best feature of this amplifier is their ultra-powerful sound, enhanced thanks to a professional-grade oversized toroidal transformer that this amplifier proudly boasts.

Featuring a sleek and contemporary design, the speakers promise to harmonize with any decor seamlessly. Unlike its high-end rivals, the CXA81 provides a crystal clear sound quality, even at increased volumes. We found the sound quality to be spectacular, more so than we had expected. The optimized capacitor values result in intricate yet highly powerful sound production, with deep bass and perfect treble. So, be it Maria Carey’s highest notes, or Johnny Cash’s dreamy voice, you will experience only the ultimate sound quality with it.

CXA81 offers both wired connection through cable, as well as Bluetooth connection, compatible with a large number of devices including phones, tablets and home audio setup. The amplifier can be easily controlled through remote control.

If you are looking for a solid amplifier, the CXA81 is a solid choice that offers the best in stereo sound. It is an excellent amplifier for people who do not want to have to purchase the amplifier separately and then have to buy the subwoofer separately. If you already own an existing home theater system, the CXA81 amplifier performance is the right choice for you.

2. Peachtree Audio Nova300

DyNEC technology

  • Unbeatable sound quality
  • Aesthetic design
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Heats up after some time

Product Dimensions: 13.25 x 14.02 x 4.37 inches | Item weight: 17 pounds | Output: 300W

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If you are in the market for a stereo amplifier that can take your music to an over-the-top level, Peachtree Audio Nova300 is just the amplifier for you. This system comes with a great price and is capable of providing you with the high fidelity sound you need to experience your favorite music in your home. It comes with an extensive range of features and is very well built.

IT has two sets of subwoofers; one for high frequency and the other for low-frequency sound. These subwoofers are capable of producing high-quality bass, and equally great highs. The two separate channels can be connected to the same amplifier, or they can be connected separately to produce high and low frequencies. This is a distinguishing feature of this remarkably outstanding amplifier, providing unparalleled sound depth.

The Nova300 boasts a Sabre32 DAC chip which allows seamless and flawless sound production. Dynamic Noise Elimination Circuit (DyNEC) reduces any sound distortions in the audio, providing high fidelity sound. The Gloss Ebony Mocha finish offers a contemporary look to the amplifier, while the silver-colored, minimal front makes it suitable with any audio setup.

It features a four-tube amplifier which is an excellent feature because it significantly increases the sound quality of the speakers and dramatically reduces the power consumption. Audio Nova300 also features three tweeters, one for each speaker. If you are looking for the highest quality sound, then the three tweeters are a great option. These tweeters are designed to produce the most precise reproduction of music.

The volume control knob for both the front speakers and the subwoofers gives you the ability to adjust the volume for each speaker and make sure that you get the sound you want without having to turn up the volume of the speakers. The Peachtree Audio nova300 is a potent little beast system and is one of the most sought-after stereo amplifiers in the market. It is just perfect for audiophiles who desire nothing but the absolute best.

3. Marantz PM6006

Crisp Sound

  • Dynamic sound quality
  • Aesthetic design
  • Easy to connect digital connections
  • Lacks USB port

Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 14.14 x 4.14 inches | Item weight: 17.3 pounds | Output: 45

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It flaunts thundering bass, fresh highs and an exceptional wealth that most amps can just allude to. This is a genuine audiophile amp, and it’s right on the money for anybody needing fresh devotion at top volumes. It offers a sound that is comparable to a lot of increasingly costly speakers. Audiophiles may dissent. However, we think its sound quality is tantamount to other expensive amplifiers.

The PM6006 has significantly clearer and a more crisp sound than its predecessors. Marantz has dramatically enhanced the sound quality as compared to the previous models, and we are thankful for an outstanding acoustic experience. This magnificent amplifier can straightforwardly be connected to devices, making it highly compatible. It utilizes a 24 bit/192kHz high current CS4398 DAC to create an amazingly significant level of sound quality. The unit currently incorporates two optical and one coaxial computerized inputs.

The speakers are very easy to set up and therefore require absolutely no hassle. Marantz PM6006 provides a complete music experience: a small room, a big hall, or an outside gathering.  It uses a toroidal transformer which means that it can dish out an unparalleled sound, even with the most demanding speakers. The amplifier has been scientifically designed to dramatically reduce the electromagnetic radiation and mechanical vibration, providing a seamless sound production.

4. Onkyo A-9110

Phase Matching Bass Boost

  • Compatible with extensive speakers
  • High-current EI transformer
  • Easy to set-up
  • No DAC

Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 13 x 17.1 inches | Item weight: 15.8 pounds | Output: 50W

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This beast features a Phase Matching Bass Boost function for deep bass, providing ultimate music experience. It eliminates the phase-shift between low and mid frequencies, making the bass even clearer and enhances the performance of the amplifier by giving clear treble and a crisp sound.

It also boasts a high-current EI transformer creating an impactful and optimized music experience. Wide Range Amplification Technology delivers the speakers with high-current power and stability, allowing the speakers to boost volume and create unbeatable sound with low distortions. The speakers work well with all music genres.

Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry allows optimal sound quality along with exceptionally low distortion and noise floor. As a result, the amplifier gives a compelling sound even at low volumes. The aesthetic design is minimalist and contemporary, with bass, treble and balance controls on the front, making it easy to adjust and customize your music experiences. The amplifier boasts a black color, giving it a sleek and professional look.

Their flawless performance provides a surround sound experience and makes them compatible with other high-end amplifiers. Onkyo A-9110 features a rigid metal chassis which virtually eliminates all the unwanted resonance. After a much-needed upgrade from its previous version, it ensures enhanced sound quality.

The amplifiers have considerably matured in contrast to prior models. The result is an outstanding acoustic experience. IT is very easy to set up and therefore requires absolutely no hassle. Onkyo A-9110 provides a great music experience, whether it is a small bookshelf speaker or large floor-standers.  Some drawbacks that we found include a complicated display, and a lack of digital-to-analogue converter.

Onkyo A-9110 is, without a doubt, an ideal amplifier for all kinds of speakers with exceptional sound quality. This is also more budget-friendly than its rivals and offers excellent value for a moderate priced amp.

5. Yamaha A-S801

Sturdy Structure

  • Built-in subwoofers
  • Anti-resonance base
  • Ultra-powerful sound
  • No outputs for preamps

Product Dimensions: 15.25 x 17.13 x 6 inches | Item weight: 26.7 pounds | Output: 100W

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Are you a committed home audio enthusiast, barely able to bear anything beyond high-fidelity? Well, look no more. This one is for all you audiophiles sneaking out there. Yamaha has been a pioneer of the audio industry for a long time, and it is for all the right reasons.

Yamaha A-S801 is a powerful successor to Yamaha’s legacy of sound production. Continuing with their undertaking to provide the best of technology, Yamaha A-S801 incorporates a sturdy structure, and an anti-resonance double body chassis, giving it a minimal, yet contemporary aesthetic advantage. The front panel knobs provide ease of control.

The amplifier seamlessly enables the speakers to dish out a diverse expanse of audio genres, flawlessly maintaining a natural equilibrium to optimize undistorted audio. It boasts fur terminals, one of the best features is that you can connect two separate speaker systems simultaneously and use them in two different rooms! A solid iron base with (Anti-Resonance and Tough) technology enables it to dampen vibrations, supporting a natural sound reproduction.

The best feature of this amplifier is their ultra-powerful sound. Unlike its high-end rivals, the Yamaha A-S801 provides crystal clear sound quality, even at increased volumes. The built-in subwoofers make things even more seamless. The only drawback we found is that the subwoofers do not have separate controls. Boasting a contemporary Bluetooth connection, the amplifier can be easily controlled with remote control.

The amplifier also features a standby technology, which results in the amplifier going into a standby mode with lower power consumption when it has not been used for around 8 hours.   Yamaha continues to be the preferred choice for masses around the world due to its traditional exceptional quality. This amplifier is perfect if you are looking for user-friendly, yet aesthetically pleasing amplifier to enjoy your music experience.

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