Best Triple Monitor Stands For Multiple Display Setup In 2020

Whether you’re an online streamer, a graphic designer or a stock broker, you’ll probably need a lot of screen real estate since you’re always multi-tasking. Some people end up needing, and consequently buying 3 monitors. For example, streamers can put up their streaming software on one monitor, their chat on the other and their game on the main display. Regardless of your occupation, when you have 3 monitors, it’s absolutely essential to get yourself a triple monitor stand to get the most out of your setup. Not only does a triple monitor stand allow you to safely and securely place your monitors on your desk, it also allows extensive maneuverability and ease in adjusting their position as well as orientation.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best triple monitor stands currently available. So if you’re fussing over which triple monitor stand you should get, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Mount-It! MI-2753

Premium Features & Build

  • USB & audio ports
  • Fully adjustable mount
  • Supports 4 inch thick desks
  • Doesn't support heavy monitors

Monitor Screen Size: 24-32 inches | Monitor Weight: 15.4 lbs | Build: Aluminum | Warranty: 5 years

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The Mount-It! MI-2753 universal triple monitor mount allows users to take efficiency and ease of use to the next level. It’s got a sturdy aluminum and steel build which can support screens ranging from 24 inches up to 32 inches, each weighing up to 15.4 pounds. That means it can’t support heavy monitors which is a considerable drawback. It utilizes the VESA square bolt pattern to mount the monitors with the stand firmly. It’s equipped with 3 counter-balanced gas spring arms which allow extra smooth movement and adjustment according to the user’s liking. It doesn’t take much force to move them but they stay put in their place when they’re let go.

The MI-2753 comes equipped with a USB 3.0 port, an audio port and matching extension cables for each monitor on the stand. The integrated cable management system keeps the cables out of sight and gives your setup an organized, clean, mess-free look. With its fully adjustable mount, and interchangeable C clamp as well as the grommet base mount, it can be set up on desks as much as 4 inches thick.

The user can adjust the height of the center monitor without any tools using the bracket arm. The outer two arms can also be adjusted with ease. They can swivel 360° as well as tilt 90° up and down. If you want to set them firmly in place, you can adjust the spring tension by tightening or loosening the hex bolt on top of the outer arms. Overall, the Mount-It! MI-2753 is a fantastic triple monitor stand which offers versatility in movement and orientation of the monitors with ease.

2. VIVO Black Triple LED LCD Computer Monitor Desk Mount

Heavy Duty on a Budget

  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Supports heavy monitors
  • Supports wide range of monitor sizes
  • Wiggle is experienced

Monitor Screen Size: 13-32 inches | Monitor Weight: 22 lbs | Build: Steel | Warranty: 3 years

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VIVO’s Triple Monitor Desk Mount is one of the best triple monitor stands available in the market. It’s also priced at about half of the other triple monitor desk mounts in this list. It comes with arm articulation at 12 points as well as -90° + 90° tilt, 360° swivel, and 360° rotation which grants user full control over movement and orientation of the monitors. Each joint can be loosened or tightened to customize the fluidity and ease of the arm movement. However, some wiggle is experienced whenever the desk moves even slightly or a monitor is adjusted.

The distinguishing feature of this triple monitor desk mount is its heavy duty steel frame which allows it to support monitors with a weight of up to 22 lbs. The heavy duty C clamp, which supports desks up to 4″ thick, ensures that your monitors won’t go anywhere. Utilizing the VESA mounts, any screen ranging from a size of 13″ to 32″ can be used with this mount. It also comes with a neat cable management system which routes the cables through its main steel pole. The clean design frees up valuable space on your desk, improving overall tidiness of your workspace.

In conclusion, considering its value for money, VIVO’s Triple Monitor Desk Mount is one of the best options available.

3. AVLT-Power Triple 32

Featuring Style with Ease

  • Heavy duty durable frame
  • Fully adjustable
  • Fluid movement
  • Doesn't support heavy monitors

Monitor Screen Size: 13-32 inches | Monitor Weight: 15.4 lbs | Build: Aluminum | Warranty: 3 years

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The Triple 32″ Monitor Desk Stand from AVLT-Power is a stylish triple monitor mount which supports three monitors with its fully adjustable, premium gas spring arms which ensure fluid movement. It can support a monitor screen ranging from 13″ up to 32″ which is even better range than that of the MI-2753. The solid, aluminum build can support up to 15.4 lbs of weight on each arm, which means it can’t support heavy monitors. The heavy duty aluminum base, combined with the option of both a C clamp and the grommet base mount ensures that the mount will be safely secured to your desk.

Users can adjust the individual arms with ease. Every joint in the arm is free to move, giving the user complete control over the orientation of each monitor. The VESA plates can tilt, swivel and rotate without any tool involvement. This allows users to setup their screens to minimize glare and optimize viewing angles to reduce strain on their eyes.

AVLT-Power’s mount comes equipped with cable management clips to hold and conceal the wires attached to each monitor. This tidies up your desk-space and makes it look much cleaner on the whole. The sleek aluminum design is simplistic and gives your workspace a professional outlook. Overall, the Triple 32″ Monitor Desk Stand provides maximum ergonomic comfort and style.

4. Ergotech Triple Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand

Extremely Durable

  • Supports heavy monitors
  • Premium build quality
  • Heavy
  • Requires a large desk
  • Expensive

Monitor Screen Size: up to 24 inches | Monitor Weight: 25 lbs | Build: Steel & Aluminum | Warranty: Lifetime

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Ergotech’s Triple Monitor Desk Stand is built specifically with the aim of being the most durable. It’s definitely the sturdiest and most robust one in this list, also one of the more expensive ones. The stand itself weighs a whopping 27 lbs. Users can clamp the stand onto their desk using either a C clamp or a grommet base mount. On the other hand, they can use the flat base if they don’t mind utilizing a little extra space in comparison to the clamps. It does save space with its cable management system using clips, ensuring a tangle-free desk space, but it needs quite a lot of space to be setup in the first place.

Monitors weighing up to 25 lbs each can be mounted using the VESA standard. Screen sizes up to 24 inches are supported, which may not be suitable for some users. This modular stand can tilt 25° both left and right, pivot 10° up, 20° down and rotate a full 360°. It supports an ergonomic viewing experience for the user but doesn’t give as much dexterity in motion as the other triple monitor stands in this list. Overall, this stand is best for users who have screens up to 24″ in size and prefer durability over versatile motion.

5. TechOrbit Three Monitor Stand Mount

Full Dexterity & Customization

  • Versatile mount
  • Fully adjustable
  • Supports wide range of monitor sizes
  • Doesn't support heavy monitors

Monitor Screen Size: 13-30 inches | Monitor Weight: 15.4 lbs | Build: Aluminum | Warranty: 3 years

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TechOrbit’s Three Monitor Stand Mount is another mount which uses gas spring arms for ease of movement and adjustment. It supports SmartSWIVEL engineering which allows the user to operate the three monitors as a free-standing workstation, but only lightweight monitors can be mounted since each arm only supports 15.4 lbs. The movement is smooth and requires little force to make adjustments. Users are free to move, rotate and swing the monitors as they wish. The mounts also allow the monitors to be tilted for the most comfortable viewing angle which suits the user. This decreases glare and increases productivity.

The sturdy heavy-duty aluminum build ensures durability. Its gas spring arms support up to 15.4 lbs of weight each. The universal fitting of the triple monitor stand can mount any screen ranging from a width of 13″ to 30″ which accommodates a wide number of users. Monitors can be mounted using VESA mounts with ease.

The Three Monitor Stand Mount is a mount which gives full dexterity of movement to the user, allowing them to setup their monitors in any orientation they deem fit for their use with ease. The build quality is premium and durable. All in all, this mount is well worth its cost.

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