Best Vertical Monitors Stands To Buy In 2020

Avid users of computers often complain of having backaches or pain in the neck. This is due to the regular use of computers while having poor posture. Continuously sitting in a position that puts a strain on your body is not a healthy activity. This is one of the main reasons why monitor stands exist. These stands make sure you are able to have your monitor in the positions which are most suitable for your use. Having your screen in a comfortable position that allows you to sit with the least amount of strain on your back and neck goes a long way to making sure you have a more productive time in doing your work.

When you get around to buying a monitor stand, the first thing that pops into your mind is the question; can any monitor be used vertically? No, all monitors cannot be used vertically. The monitors that are compatible with VESA mount support system can be used vertically. Not all the monitors have this feature. Such monitor stands can also be used to effectively use space in a multi-monitor setup.

If you want to find out how do to mount your monitor vertically, you should first check if your monitor is VESA compatibly or not. VESA compatibility is basically finding out if the mounting holes behind your monitor or LED or TV screen are in a located in a rectangle with the appropriate distance separating them.

1. Vivo Stand V001

Best Single Monitor Stand

  • Very easy installation
  • Cheaper than its counterparts
  • Can support large screens
  • Adjustable arm length
  • Only for one screen

Number of screens: 1 | Screen size: Up to 27-inches | Maximum weight: 22 lbs | VESA compatibility: Yes | Height adjustment: Yes

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As far single monitor stands go, this is what we recommend. It is extremely simple to use. If your desk already has a hole, you can use a grommet mount to hold it in place on your desk. If not then you can just use the desk clamp that comes with it. Whatever tools you may need for these two ways of administering the stand to your desk come with the stand when you buy it.

It also has a neat cable management system. The Vivo V001 supports screens up to 27 inches in size. If the screen weighs less than 22lbs then it can support screens up to a whopping 32 inches. It also comes in multiple colors to allow you to choose the one which works best with your setup. The height of the screen is adjustable up to 17 inches. The length of the arm of the stand that is holding the monitor in place can be extended 16 inches or retracted till 4 inches.

The screen can be tilted by 15 degrees upwards or downwards. The stand allows the screen to swivel for about 180 degrees while the arm can rotate for 360 degrees. The price of this stand is around 45 dollars. In this price range, this is nearly unrivalled. A lot of ergonomic activity is possible with the V001.

In the single monitor stand category, this is the best you can find. There are some competitors such as Amazon Basics Premium Single Monitor Stand, but the V001 offers just as good features with a lesser price tag. If you are looking for a single monitor stand you are not really looking to break your back in getting it. Perhaps the only drawback is that the V001 supports only one screen.

2. Locktek Fleximount D1DV

Best Dual Monitor Stand

  • Completely adjustable
  • User friendly
  • Robust and strong
  • Relatively cheap
  • Low setting options

Number of screens: 2 | Screen size: Up to 27-inches | Maximum weight: 44 lbs | VESA compatibility: Yes | Height adjustment: Yes

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Since we are focusing on vertical monitor stands in our review, the dual monitor stand we believe is the best dual monitor stand is the Loctek D1DV. It is no surprise that this stand has gotten the amount of approval that it has from users. It is extremely convenient and straightforward in its usage. While being user friendly it is also sturdy and tough enough to support 2 monitors and not give in to the weight that they put.

This is a rather simple product with one rod going vertically upwards and having two VESA compatible holding systems for your LED’s at a comfortable height. The height of the pole is about 28 inches. The height adjustment of the screens that you are allowed is 26 inches. The screens are fully rotational that is 360 degrees rotation and swivel when once attached. You can tilt the screens downward or upward by 15 degrees. In short, it is completely adjustable to your requirements no matter what they are when holding two monitor screens vertically.

This dual monitor stand has standard VESA compatibility. It can support two screens of about 27 inches each. The screens though cannot weigh more than 44lbs. That is 22lbs each screen, which is definitely enough. One of the features that really had us marveling at its ingeniousness is that the pole of the D1DV is in fact hollow. With the pole being hollow you can use it to pass the wires of your screens through it. Making sure the wires of your monitors do not get into a cluttered mess on your workplace.

While there are other vertical monitor stands that came up during our research, the D1DV is our pick simply because of its simple and effective design. It is well built and strong, so there is no chance of it crashing and ruining your screens in the process. It is also going as low as 40 dollars in the market at this time, hence it is relatively cheap as well.

3. NB North Bayou F195A

Dual Monitor Desk Mount

  • Elegant design
  • Built in USB-hubs
  • High adjustability options
  • Supports screen size of 32-inches
  • Price is on the higher side

Number of screens: 2 | Screen size: Up to 32-inches | Maximum weight: 39.5 lbs | VESA compatibility: Yes | Height adjustment: Yes

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When looking for dual monitor stands the north bayou name is bound to pop up. The aim of this mount in construction it would seem was to be a simple installation while being elegant in design. This stand comes with both a desk clamp and a grommet clamp option. There are two arms that lead up from its base, suspending the screens in the air.

Both of these arms are fully adjustable, 13.5 inches adjustability vertically or horizontally turning the screens in any direction you require. The NB F195A monitor mount is able to support screens of 22 inches to 32 inches in size and from 6 lbs to almost 20 lbs in weight. This is a big upgrade from its other product that can only support screens of 17 lbs. weight. The screens once attached to the arms have a 360 degrees rotation radius as well as being able to tilt up to an angle of +8 or -53 degrees.

One of the more unique features of this stand is its USB ports. The F195A has built-in USB hubs at the base of its mount. These USB slots can be used for charging purposes of your USB devices. With this, you can use your PC while keeping your mobile phone’s battery charged as well. This stand also comes with a built-in cable management system, allowing you to have free space as well as a neat look to your work station.

The drawback of this stand is its price. The price is expected to be on the high side though when one takes in its rather extravagant build. Only due to its rather expensive nature is this not the best pick in the dual monitor list. That being said, should you choose to put your money in the North Bayou F195A, you will not regret it at all.

4. VIVO Stand V003V

Third time's the charm

  • Low price
  • Easy installation
  • Individual adjustability of the three monitors
  • Cannot be placed horizontally
  • Issue with the screws

Number of screens: 3 | Screen size: Up to 27-inches | Maximum weight: 66 lbs | VESA compatibility: Yes | Height adjustment: Yes

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VIVO has, it would seem cracked the code to making successful monitor stands whether it be single or multiple monitor stands. Keep it simple, nothing extravagant but effective. Durability is guaranteed when keeping the design simple and straightforward with no unneeded flair. The result of this also shows in their low prices. The V003V’s price is around 60 dollars, which makes it incredibly budget-friendly.

It is easily installed due to its grommet or desk clamp base. The main rod is around 39 inches in height. It has a standard VESA mount system compatibility. The height of the rod means you will have plenty of room to adjust all three monitors. As expected, all the monitors are fully rotational, able to swivel and tilt when attached to the VIVO Stand. Clamp the stand anywhere on your desk, without the need for any technical knowledge or craftsmanship. The screens cannot be placed horizontally; this might be an issue if you want to modify the way you set up your monitors.

If you feel the need to change the height of a single monitor all you need to do is loosen the bolt with an Allen wrench and then tighten it at the height you want. The maximum weight it can withhold is 66lbs, so it holds about 22lbs per monitor worth of weight. This is more than enough as an individual monitor usually doesn’t way more than 16 or 17 lbs. at the most. The maximum screen size for each individual screen is 27 inches, which again is adequate. The ability to manage and alter monitors, individually without disturbing the other one is quite useful. The one issue a few users faced with this product is that at some point the screws just don’t go in fully, they might even act wobbly.

This is our pick for the triple monitor stand in our list. This is because it has very good weight as well as size limitations of screens. No one is going to find it a problem even if their screens are somewhat on the larger side. It is also very well priced. You can go no wrong with this product. It also offers unbeatable pricing for its specifications.

5. VIVO Stand V004

Quad monitor stand for the hardcores

  • Padded base
  • Quad screen system
  • Affordable price range
  • Issues in supporting larger screens
  • Screws might cause issues for some

Number of screens: 3 | Screen size: Up to 27-inches | Maximum weight: 66 lbs | VESA compatibility: Yes | Height adjustment: Yes

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Another VIVO product takes place for our only quad monitor screen stand. The VIVO Stand V004 is similar to the other VIVO products that we have mentioned or we have seen over the years. Simple but effective, this is yet another robust product with no extravagant designs or modifications, designed to do its purpose dependably. The market price for the VIVO V004 is around 70-80 dollars.

A single rod of about 34 inches is at the center of this stand. It has spots for four monitors to be attached to it on its sides. The monitors are placed in a square fashion. The stand can be attached to the desk by a desk clamp or a grommet clamp, whichever may preference or use be. The stand’s base is padded so it reduces the risk of your desk being damaged by all the weight that is bound to be put on it when four monitors are attached to the same rod.

The size of the screens which it supports ranges from 13 to 32 inches and the maximum weight it will withstand is 88lbs. Which means each screen can be of about 22lbs in weight. These screen requirements are more than enough for it to be used for almost any screen as long as it has VESA compatibility. The screens allow for vertical setup ability in the form of a 2 x 2 table or matrix. This square configuration ability of up to 4 x 32 inch of screens is absolutely massive. Imagine the amount of display you can easily manage. Having said that, sometimes users might face issues with larger screens installed, the stand might get tilted and may need tightening.

The height adjustability of the monitors is a little low due to its compact design, allowing only 0.5 inches worth of adjustment. In short, this is yet another reliably and dependable product made by VIVO in the monitor stand category. It is simple, with no extravagant builds and designs, but consistency and sturdiness. Vivo has still not managed to solve or address their screw problems in another model this time. The same issue with screws acting up might become apparent.

We have given the best vertical monitor stands for single, dual as well as triple and quad monitors. Our list seems to be dominated by VIVO thought that is well deserved as the quality of their products is bound to show anyone who wishes to disagree. They also offer some of the most competitive pricing policies in this category as well. We hope to have answered most, if not all, of your questions. Our comments below are always open for more.

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