5 Most Comfortable Headphones To Buy In 2020

Everybody cherishes headphones with clear sound that lets them dig into the melodiousness of the most authentic confluence of sounds. While individuals love melodic detail, an awkward headphone can frequently remove all the good times. What’s more, the way that sounds constantly pour in a huge amount of money in research to locate the perfect fit for headphones says a great deal regarding the client’s behavior. We couldn’t want anything more than to have the most comfortable headphones!

Due to the different ears of various individuals, it’s difficult to state headphone is comfortable than earphones. People can feel great on both headphones and earphones, and furthermore, there are so many brands and models for your decision. These can emphasize different parts of the audio range, and you may prefer one sound over another. It’s smarter to try them yourself as opposed to following the TOP list with no research.

For clients, the market with its never-ending decisions can be difficult to analyze. To guarantee that your experience isn’t undermined, we have arranged a list of the most comfortable headphones the market brings to the table. Let’s dig into it!

1. Sony MDR-1AM2

Portable Headphone

  • Incredibly comfortable and light
  • Pleasing balanced sound
  • Punchy and clean bass
  • Can sound overly aggressive at higher volumes

Type: Over-ear | Frequency Response: 3-100,000kHz | Connectivity: Wired | Battery Life: N/A

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The MDR-1AM2 is the most recent in Sony’s MDR-1 series of closed-back over-head headphones. This set of cans from Sony deserves more consideration. It fulfills the average purchaser, just as the observing audiophile, within the mid-level price bracket.

Nothing has changed on the front design. Aside from colors (it is accessible in black and silver), the difference in finishing on the ear cups (it is smooth now rather than being textured), as well as the absence of red accents around the ear cups, the MDR-1AM2 seems to be indistinguishable from its predecessor which is definitely not a terrible thing.

Its predecessors were known for being incredibly comfortable and It’s glad to report that the MDR-1AM2 is the equivalent. To start, it is amazingly light, weighing simply 187g. The headband is fixed with delicate synthetic leather and distributes the little weight of the headphone pleasantly. The ear cups and ear pads don’t look such big, and the earpads are very shallow, however, they fold over and fit your ears comfortable. It doesn’t feel tight or claustrophobic by any means.

Inside the MDR-1AM2, you will get a 40mm dynamic driver with an aluminum-coated liquid crystal polymer diaphragm. As indicated by Sony, the driver is fit for reproducing sounds from as low as 3Hz to as high as 100,000Hz. To guarantee the exact reproduction of high-frequency sounds, it has a special grille modeled utilizing the Fibonacci sequence over the driver.

The MDR-1AM2 has a fairly satisfying signature with strong, punchy bass and smooth mids. It has a slightly pronounced yet at the same time tolerable treble. Contrasted with its predecessor, it sounds extraordinarily more brilliant, cleaner, and more detailed.

On the contrary, at higher volumes, the MDR-1AM2 takes on an extensively harsher sound and becomes shouty and stressed. At higher volumes, upper mids and treble get piercing and have a fake shimmering quality about it.

Overall, the MDR-1AM2 is a magnificent pair of headphones for portable use. Sound is nice, they are worth listening to if you are searching for a classy pair of sealed over-ear headphones that you can take with you wherever you go.

2. Sennheiser PXC 550

Powerful Headphone

  • Light-weight
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Great sounding
  • Leaky at higher volume

Type: Over-ear | Frequency Response: 17 Hz to 23 kHz | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery Life: 30hours

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Sennheiser PXC 550 is a great deal like the Bose QuietComfort 35. In fact, it was released to fill in as the opposition for Bose QuietComfort 35. As far as sound quality, Sennheiser PXC 550 gets the upper hand while Bose QC 35 leads as far as solace is a concern. Regardless, it is definitely one of the most comfortable headphones the market brings to the table. Focused on individuals who travel, this model is perfect for a lengthened period of utilization.

The earcups are secured with synthetic leather and have 1-inch thick padding. The plentiful padding gives a cushiony feeling like QuietComfort 35. The headband is sensibly wide and the clamping pressure is just as required. The earcups are oval-shaped and entirely fit little to medium-sized ears.

These headphones are likewise one of the lightest in the market, weighing just 227 grams. On the right ear cup, you will see touch controls. It naturally turns on when you put the headphone on your ear and shuts down when you fold the headphones.

The wireless connection has a phenomenal record of stability. The Noise Cancellation system is dynamic, letting the client look over two changed modes. One is the full-fledged Noise Cancellation, and the other is versatile. The last controls the Noise Cancellation level on your gadget by making a decision on your surroundings. There will be less pressure from ANC on the clients’ ears in a calmer situation, and the ANC level will naturally improve itself when the user’s environmental factors are noisier.

On the battery front, the PXC 550s have a guaranteed 30 hours of noise-canceling before they need a top-up by means of the USB-type B charging port. It takes 3 hours of charging. When it’s flat, a cable for wired listening can space into 3.5mm socket on the right ear cup so the music doesn’t need to end when the battery does.

Vocals and instrumentations are pleasantly isolated, and the soundstage is charming and expansive. The bass is extraordinary and even. Their Upper-frequency range is 17Hz and low-frequency extension is at 23Hz, which is awesome. The mid-range is generally good. Low-mid and mid-mid are flat. This guarantees a reasonable and well-balanced reproduction of vocals and lead instruments.

The main drawback lies that at higher volume, there is sound-leakage.

Overall, the PXC 550 Wireless is better than expected headphones that perform honorably for most cases. They have a profoundly adaptable sound to suit individual tastes, and they isolate well enough for moderately uproarious environments.

3. MPOW 059

Budget- friendly Headphone

  • Good sound quality
  • Up-to 20 hours battery life
  • Durable design
  • No AptX levels of sound quality

Type: Over-ear | Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery Life: 20hours

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Regardless of whether you have budget constraints, you can still easily avail of the services of one of the most comfortable headphones there is. The smooth exterior and stylish design enhance the visual nature of this item. Mpow is one brand that has been kicking out a great deal of affordable audio gear, and one of its most mainstream offerings are the Mpow 059 headphones. They’re evaluated as the best-seller for over-ear headphones.

The 059 Bluetooth Headphones are a passive isolating design with both wired and wireless activity. The headphones are foldable and highlight an adaptive padding earpad for comfort. Besides, the delicate, matte rubber interior of the headband with its strip of matching leather/foam makes these extremely decent on your head, as well. The 059 get better than expected marks in the solace class.

The headphone has a really strong grasp, which adds to the strong passive noise isolation. The grip may be excessive for certain listeners though. The foam earcups are overall quite delicate yet they can heat up over long sessions.

The MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphone’s most remarkable element is the strong bass push, while the treble is likewise presented too. The pushed bass response implies that 059 is comfortable with electronic music, hip hop, and pop. The treble range execution is decent. Low-treble is moderately level and adjusted, which is significant for the detail and articulation in vocals and lead instruments. The soundstage execution is sub-par. The frequency response is 20-20000Hz.

Battery life is perhaps the second-most significant component of wireless headphones directly after sound quality, and this is a zone wherein the 059 shine. Mpow clocks the 420 mAh battery life of these headphones at around 20 hours with normal media consumption. One extra thing to note is that it took 2-3 hours to get a full charge by means of the micro-USB charger. Connectivity was likewise a good surprise. Since they offer the advanced 4.1 Bluetooth protocol, you’ll get around 30 feet of range and a steady connection.

On the drawback, Mpow has selected to just incorporate SBC compression support here, implying that you won’t get AptX levels of sound quality.

On concluding, if you’re searching for a respectable pair of headphones and your objective is to remain under a limited budget, there’s no preferable decision over Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones. They offer an average sound and even a superior build quality with a precision on the solace.

4. HE400i Over Ear Full-size Planar Magnetic Headphones

Comes with magnetic flare

  • Good sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Decent build quality
  • Sound leak

Type: Over-ear | Frequency Response: 20Hz - 35KHz | Connectivity: Wired | Battery Life: N/A

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The first time when you see Planar’s HE400i, they do appear to be a little on the large side, and your first idea will be, are they substantial? Shockingly they are not all that awful. At 13 ounces that is adequate. They are magnetic headphones intended for the individual who needs to listen intently and with a critical ear. They are planned with a genuine look however are entirely user-friendly. It includes a delicate perforated leatherette inner band that sits on your head with an external overhead bar that is movable.

Planar’s HE400i, the structure gives you to some degree more control over the weight on the ears which is a huge factor when discussing comfort. The ear cups are made using a Polymer and are leatherette with a velour padding. They have an angle built into the structure to guarantee a comfortable fit, particularly since they are delicate to the ears. The weight on the ears created by the headband is mellowed by the ear cups.

The assembling quality appears to be alright for what are a lot of headphones at the lower end of the market. The cable ends in a gold-plated 3.5mm attachment, and HiFiMan offers an extra 6.3mm gold-plated connector that comes fitted to the cable. These headphones are wired and don’t have a Bluetooth association.

Beginning with the sub-bass, it is expanded and has generally excellent surface, Planars are known for their bass and the 400i isn’t an exception. Sound-wise they are amazing. The mid-extend is extraordinary. The response is flat all through the range, which shows an even reproduction of vocals and lead instruments. The frequency response is 20Hz – 35KHz.

However, the big drawback is the headphones leak sound in a major manner. At the end of the day, they’re perceptible to anyone sitting near you, so they aren’t proper for a densely packed open-office circumstance. Overall, the HE-400i is acceptable reference headphones that sparkle in the sound department. They’re agreeable for long listening meetings and convey a superb representation of instruments and vocals.

5. Bowers & Wilkins PX7

Flagship Headphone

  • Powerful audio performance
  • Comfortable
  • atpX adaptive
  • Expensive

Type: Over-ear | Frequency Response: 10Hz to 30kH | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery Life: 30hours

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If we thought the superior noise-canceling headphones market couldn’t get any more intense, with Sony, Sennheiser and Bose all engaging to be number one, one more competitor has shown in the shape of Bowers and Wilkins PX7s. The organization trusts that the mix of its proprietary driver technology and Qualcomm’s new aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec will see the PX7s sustain the achievement of their forerunners, and assist them with taking the battle to the best wireless headphones available at this moment.

The PX7 headphones are accessible in gray or silver models, with a fabric-lined headband, ear cups with a stunningly mottled plastic, and smooth leather on the earpads and underside of the headband for a lavish look and feel. The earpads and headband are adequately padded with memory foam. The cups turn on hinges for a safe, moderately close fit, yet because of the cushioning, the weight never veers into an awkward area. Inside, 43.6mm drivers convey a frequency range of 10Hz to 30kH, the drivers are recessed and the earcups are marked left and right on the inside cloth grilles.

The left earcup has a multi-function button that controls the noise-canceling feature. You need to press it to cycle between programmed, low, high, and noise-canceling off. The right earcup has a USB-C charging port, a 3.5mm socket, 3 buttons for controlling playback, track skip and volume, in addition to a sliding switch for turning on/off headphones and activating pairing.

The earcups likewise have sensors. For those that favor the cabled approach, the standard 3.5mm sound attachment is there, but you must have the headphones powered on for it to work. The USB-C attachment can likewise be utilized for sound with any PC, tablet, or cell phone that bolsters USB-C audio output. 30 hours of playtime is a standard these days. They can likewise be quick charged i.e 15-minute charge gives you around 6 hours of battery.

The PX7 repeats all styles to the highest fulfillment of all kinds without impedance and in a detailed manner. Dynamics, profundity, and well-balanced pictures over all areas with a slight inclination to overlook, on the one hand pleasingly fulfill the taste of clients. However, they also fulfill the most noteworthy hi-fi demands, via cable or by utilizing the aptX codecs provided.

The only drawback is the cost is somewhat high, yet so is the nature of the item. On concluding, all couple of headphones can do is sound, look, and feel incredible, and the B&W PX7s check each of the three boxes.

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